Autumn Handicap Results

On Tuesday 17th September we held our Autumn handicap race. Yet again it was a beautiful evening and the runners and marshals were treated to a stunning sunset across the reservoir. 31 runners took part and we welcomed a number of new members to the club. Congratulations to all the runners and particularly Alan Hutchinson who won the handicap trophy. Many thanks to the marshals and timekeepers without whom the handicap couldn’t take place.

Finishing PositionNameStart TimeRun TimeTotal TimeNet PositionGrand Prix Points
1Karl Robottom*17:000:37:220:54:221883
2Alan Hutchinson16:150:39:140:55:292279
3John Shanks24:300:31:240:55:54497
4Tim Straughan22:450:33:140:55:59794
5Pip Trevorrow18:300:37:410:56:111982
6Amelia Laxton20:300:35:460:56:161487
7Grant Potts20:300:35:520:56:221685
8Tom Brown22:300:34:010:56:311091
9Adam Parton22:450:33:580:56:43893
10Mike Powell20:450:36:330:57:181784
11Gwil Thomas26:000:31:200:57:20398
12Richard Adcock17:150:40:110:57:262378
13Myra Jones23:300:34:000:57:30992
14Kim Spence22:000:35:410:57:411388
15Andrew Bennett26:000:31:460:57:46695
16Sofia Robottom16:300:41:170:57:472774
17Dan Garbutt28:300:29:190:57:491100
18Eve Ballantyne16:450:41:090:57:542675
19John Hobbs28:300:29:250:57:55299
20Leroy Sutton19:450:38:250:58:102081
21Steph Gledhill19:450:38:410:58:262180
22Daniel Grant27:000:31:300:58:30596
23Rob Marsh24:150:34:220:58:371190
24Kris Howes23:300:35:130:58:431289
25Rob Hamilton10:150:48:490:59:043071
26Mel Smith15:000:44:350:59:352873
27Mark Farrell24:300:35:491:00:191586
28Angeline Dresser20:150:41:021:01:172576
29Sean Cook23:300:40:271:03:572477
30John Whalley00:001:04:411:04:413170
31John Wallace21:200:45:401:07:002972
* Karl ran off a 'generous' handicap so did not take home the trophy

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