Spring Handicap Results


We had a great turn out for the Spring Handicap on Tuesday evening. It was lovely to see so many new members as well regular handicap participants. First to finish and a well deserved winner of the trophy was James Slater. Congratulations! The fastest runner of the evening was Andrew Bennett in a time of 30:26 with Gary Mann only 7 seconds behind. Many thanks to Rachel, Sam , Graham, Dinesh, Vernon and John and Pat for marshalling, Mike, Eileen and Kathy for timekeeping and recording of results and also to Sam for organising food at Leos clubhouse afterwards. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Summer Handicap on July 19th.

Finish PosNameStart MarkFinish TimeRun TimeRun Pos
1James Slater00:19:0000:58:3100:39:3125
2Stuart Wiggins00:20:4500:58:5000:38:0521
3Mike Powell00:25:4500:59:3400:33:498
4Shannon Webb00:16:3000:59:4000:43:1028
5Andrew Bennett00:29:1500:59:4100:30:261
6Melissa Jones00:20:0001:00:0000:40:0026
7Ian Sanderson00:27:3501:00:2000:32:456
8John Batchelor00:26:4501:00:3700:33:529
9Paul Grave00:29:3001:00:4700:31:173
10Gary Mann00:30:1501:00:4800:30:332
11Ethan O'Loughlin00:24:0001:00:5200:36:5215
12Richard Adcock00:22:0001:01:0200:39:0223
13Benjamin Wallis00:28:0001:01:0800:33:087
14Tom Mackreth00:25:4501:01:1000:35:2512
15Graham Pawley00:23:4501:01:1400:37:2919
16Georgia Baynes00:24:3001:01:3400:37:0416
17Rebecca Whalley00:24:3001:01:3400:37:0416
18Pip Trevorrow00:24:3001:01:5000:37:2018
19Leila Kara00:16:1501:01:5200:45:3730
20Sean Cook00:27:3001:01:5700:34:2711
21Steph Gledhill00:24:1501:02:1000:37:5520
22Liz Adams00:24:0001:02:1100:38:1122
23Andy Parkinson00:29:4501:02:2500:32:405
24Paul Sanderson00:17:3001:02:4200:45:1229
25Roy Huggins00:27:1501:02:5200:35:3713
26Matthew Johnson00:29:1501:03:0700:33:529
27Nick Smith00:24:0001:03:1400:39:1424
28Alfie Jones00:32:0001:04:0500:32:054
29Alan Hutchinson00:22:4501:04:3700:41:5227
30Mick Loftus00:28:1501:04:3800:36:2314
31Vaishali Naik00:02:0001:06:2701:04:2731

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