Winter Handicap Results

On Sunday 29th December, a select group of Striders gathered at Eccup Reservoir for the annual Winter Handicap. Dressed as rugby players, chefs, superheroes and a penguin, they battled the muddy paths around Eccup – a startling sight for any passing walkers and their dogs. Congratulations to Mike Powell who won the handicap trophy. Many thanks to Melanie Midgley, Ellen, Richard and Lucy Adcock, who came to witness our tribute to Terry and Matthew. Thanks also to Rick Sunderland, Kathy Robbins, Paul Sanderson, Andy Wicks, Philip Lim, Ian Sanderson, Steph Gledhill, Vernon Long and Joel and Kathryn Giddings for marshalling, timekeeping and taking photographs. The Spring Handicap will be in May when the evenings are a little lighter.

Finishing PositionNameStart TimeRun TimeTotal TimeRun PositionGrand Prix Points
1Alan Johnson0:06:150:52:170:58:322180
2Clive Bandy0:25:000:33:590:58:591100
3Mike Powell*0:21:450:37:350:59:20596
4Tahir Akhtar0:19:300:40:150:59:45992
5Chloe Hudson0:20:150:39:430:59:58695
6Adam Parton0:24:000:36:091:00:09398
7Simon Vallance0:25:000:35:101:00:10299
8Richard Adcock0:20:000:40:121:00:12794
9Roy Huggins0:23:450:37:141:00:59497
10Alan Hutchinson0:19:300:42:021:01:321190
11Rob Hutchinson0:21:450:40:121:01:57794
12Lisa Jones0:12:150:49:541:02:091982
13Jake Towler0:20:300:41:421:02:121091
14Pascale Fotherby0:11:300:50:451:02:152081
15Leila Kara0:14:150:48:241:02:391586
16Chris Sawyer0:17:150:45:261:02:411388
17Leroy Sutton0:21:450:42:271:04:121289
18Liz Ball0:15:300:49:191:04:491883
19Sofia Robottom0:17:000:48:431:05:431685
19Karl Robottom0:17:000:48:431:05:431685
21Ken Fox0:20:150:45:461:06:011487
* Alan ran off an estimated handicap so was ineligible to win the trophy, while Clive conceded the trophy to Mike as the first finisher in fancy dress.

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