Summer Handicap Results

A sudden downpour of rain late afternoon on Tuesday 27th July didn’t dampen the spirits of the hardy Striders who turned up to either run or marshal the first actual club handicap for 19 months. It stayed dry for us and it was great to see things getting back to normal again. There were some outstanding performances from Alfie Jones who battled with Paul Miller at the finish for first place. Sam Storey had the toughest handicap but produced the fastest run of the evening. It was great to see so many first timers as well as familiar faces. As always, many thanks go the the timekeepers and marshals without whom the race couldn’t have taken place. I’m looking forward to the Autumn handicap, which will take place at the beginning of September, and even more runners taking part.

PosNameFinish TimeStart TimeRun TimeRun Pos
1Alfie Jones0:55:390:23:000:32:392
2Paul Miller0:55:410:12:450:42:5613
3Simon Vallance0:56:410:23:000:33:413
4Paul Fotherby0:56:480:23:000:33:484
5Andy Wicks0:57:300:18:300:39:009
6Vernon Long0:57:420:23:150:34:275
7Rebecca Segal0:57:550:12:450:45:1014
8Sam Storey0:58:020:26:150:31:471
9Leila Kara0:58:080:12:360:45:3215
10Amanda Spencer0:58:150:21:300:36:457
11Michelle Faulkner0:58:390:12:150:46:2416
12Chris Sawyer0:58:490:18:150:40:3412
13Ian Lenihan0:59:130:19:000:40:1311
14Sean Cook1:00:100:21:450:38:258
15Dan Price1:01:270:25:000:36:276
16Henry Lister1:02:470:23:150:39:3210
17James Harrison1:03:450:00:001:03:4518
18Rob Hamilton1:05:090:16:000:49:0917

Pictured: Spring winner Andy briefly gets his hands on the trophy he won only last week, before handing over to Alfie!

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