Virtual Summer Handicap Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the virtual summer handicap. Although there were only 15 runners, this was the closest finish in recent history with the first 7 crossing the finish line with less than 30 seconds between them. Well done to Dave Middlemas who had the fastest time overall and to Chris Sawyer who was the winner of the trophy when handicaps were added, as Steve and Sara had insufficient results available to derive a handicap, so an estimate was calculated by the system. I will arrange for the trophy to be presented to Chris as soon as possible.

Finish PosNameCalculated or Estimated start timeHandicap Start TimeFinish TimeRun TimeRun PosGrand Prix Pts
1Steve WebbEst *00:25:0000:58:1900:33:19299
2Sara DyerEst *00:06:4500:58:2400:51:391388
3Chris SawyerCalc00:17:1500:58:2500:41:101190
4Dave MiddlemasCalc00:26:4500:58:3000:31:451100
5Mick TinkerCalc00:15:1500:58:3300:43:181289
6Sue SunderlandCalc00:19:1500:58:3400:39:19992
7Dinesh KaulgudCalc00:19:0000:58:4800:39:481091
8James TarranCalc00:25:1500:59:4200:34:27497
9Liz AdamsCalc00:21:1500:59:4800:38:33893
10Ross BibbyCalc00:27:0001:00:2400:33:24398
11Myra JonesCalc00:25:0001:00:4400:35:44695
12Ian SandersonCalc00:25:1501:00:4500:35:30596
13Sean CookCalc00:23:4501:01:4800:38:03794
14John WhalleyEst **00:00:0001:06:2901:06:291586
15Bob JacksonCalc00:14:1501:07:3800:53:231487

In the mean time, look out for the virtual Autumn handicap, which will be the 10k route we used in the Spring.

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