Spring Handicap Results

We held the Spring Handicap at Harewood on the evening of Thursday 4th May. The event was well attended with a good mix of runners from the intermediate and advanced groups. Although is was a chilly evening for those marshalling and timekeeping, the rain held off and the runners had warmed up well by the time they returned to the finish after all those hills.

Congratulations to Neil Sedgley who won the Handicap trophy, James Tarran for running the fastest time and Rachel Davidson, who was the fastest female. Alex Kelly arrived back in first position but couldn’t win the trophy because he didn’t have enough recorded runs to create an accurate handicap time.

Many thanks to all the people who volunteered to help with marshalling and time keeping and to Bob Jackson who calculated the handicap times and results.
Our next handicap will be July 20th. Hope to see lots of you there. In the meantime, keep entering those races and Parkruns and building up your handicap time!

Finish posNameGun timeStart time (Handicap)Run TimeRun PosGP pts
1Alex Kelly0:53:000:19:150:33:45398
2Neil Sedgley0:57:180:13:150:44:031787
3Richard Irvine0:58:480:25:150:33:33299
4Matt Sedgley0:59:060:23:300:35:36795
5Melissa Jones0:59:480:20:450:39:031298
6Nick Smith0:59:500:24:450:35:05597
7Leila Kara1:00:150:16:150:44:001697
8Richard Adcock1:00:290:21:000:39:291390
9Caroline Robson1:00:370:02:000:58:372490
10Ethan O'loughlin1:00:530:25:450:35:08696
11James Tarran1:00:560:28:000:32:561100
12Tahir Akhtar1:01:050:19:000:42:051588
13Vicki Johnstone1:01:280:16:450:44:431895
14Rachel Davidson1:01:320:26:450:34:474100
15Jon Jackson1:01:520:24:150:37:37993
16Ian Lenihan1:02:030:21:450:40:181489
17James Forbes1:02:130:11:450:50:282284
18Graham Pawley1:02:320:24:300:38:021191
19Roy Huggins1:02:380:25:000:37:381092
20Vernon Long1:02:550:25:450:37:10894
21Pascale Fotherby1:03:240:14:450:48:392093
22Bob Jackson1:04:310:15:000:49:312185
23Jade Beale1:04:560:13:300:51:262392
24Leroy Sutton1:08:230:21:300:46:531986

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