Autumn Handicap

Autumn Handicap Route

The Autumn Handicap takes place on Thursday 7th September, meeting at 6.30pm at the Black Gates to Harewood, opposite Wike Lane.

The route involves an anti clockwise loop of the Harewood permissive paths starting at the black gates opposite Wike Lane. If you would like to run, please make sure that you are there in plenty of time. First runner to start at 6.45pm. Faster runners who are not going to start until the clock has been running for some time may arrive later, but must make sure that Sue Sunderland knows they have arrived so that she can mark them on the start sheet.

Parking is permitted along Wike Lane, but gets quite busy with walkers so make sure you get there in plenty of time and car share if you can.

All members of the club are welcome and we would love to see you there. If you haven’t run a handicap race before, details about how it works can be found at

As usual, we will need plenty of people to help with marshalling the route and timekeeping- so if you would like to help, please email [email protected].
And of course, there will be valuable Grand Prix points for all runners!