England Athletics Codes of Conduct

First claim membership of Valley Striders AC includes affiliation to England Athletics. This gives benefits such as £2 discounts on race entries and access to events such as cross country leagues, relays, and county, regional and national events. Confirmation of EA affiliation is sent out at the beginning of April or when first joining Valley Striders.

England Athletics, and all clubs affiliated to it, produce and follow guidelines to ensure the welfare and safeguarding of all children and adults involved in the sport. As part of this, there are Codes of Conduct for all members to follow. The one relevant to most is the Senior Athletes Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

By joining and renewing membership of an affiliated club, all members agree to follow the Senior Athlete Code of Conduct (second claim members will do so via their first claim club). If you are involved in marshalling, volunteering, run leading or coaching, are a race official, or a parent/ carer/guardian of a young athlete, then there are other relevant Codes of Conduct, which can be found here. These are not automatically signed on membership renewal. However, this can be done via the MyAthletics Portal.

    • If you have not accessed MyPortal before then you will need your EA registration number (which can be found here) and the email address you used when joining Valley Striders.
    • Further login instruction can be found in your England Athletics Renewal email.
    • Once logged in, click on MyProfile and you will see Codes of Conduct as an option in the menu. You can then read and select the Codes relevant to you.

England Athletics Club Standards

In addition to the Codes of Conduct, England Athletics have produced a set of  Club Standards, in line with legal legislation and Sport England’s code of sports governance (Tier 1), to help clubs understand what they should have in place for good governance and duty of care.

The Valley Striders AC policies that we adhere to, in order to fulfil our duty of care and ensure we meet those standards, are detailed below:

For further information regarding England Athletics Club Standards, please click here.

Additional England Athletics policies

The following document provides details of the England Athletics rules regarding foreign athlete registration and some additional guidance on what this means for regional and national level competition.

Foreign Athlete Registration