Calderdale Way Relay – 21st May 2023


Valley Striders will be entering a team for the Calderdale Way Relay on Sunday 21st May.

Calderdale Way Relay – Race Details

We currently have a full team of 12 runners. However, we could really do with a few reserves. If anyone is interested in joining recces or would like to put their name down as a reserve,  please contact me via Facebook or Spond, or email [email protected]. For recces you may wish to get in contact with the runners directly:

Leg 1: Becca Whalley and Georgia Baines

Leg 2: Samantha Harris and Steve Webb

Leg 3: Liz Adam and Tosh Ahktar

Leg 4: Sarah Shanks and John Shanks

Leg 5: Richard Irvine and Simon Vallance

Leg 6: Tom Thomas and Daryl Hibberd