Winter Handicap Results

VS Handicap pic

We had a beautiful but decidedly chilly morning for the first handicap race of the year. 33 striders tackled the scenic path around Harewood House, dodging walkers, cyclists and horses on their way. First to arrive back, and the trophy winner, was Elaine Craiggs. Congratulations to her and also to Dave Middlemas, who had the fastest run, completing the course in 30:40.
Many thanks to everyone who ran and those who volunteered with marshalling and timekeeping. A full set of results can be viewed below.
Our next handicap will be in May. Details to follow.

Winter Handicap Results 2 January 2023 (Harewood Circuit 4.8 miles)

Finish posNameStart MarkFinish timeRun TimeRun PosGP pts
1Elaine Craiggs0:07:150:58:020:50:473190
2Dave Middlemas0:27:450:58:250:30:401100
3Rebecca Segal0:16:000:59:240:43:242196
4Jon Jackson0:23:300:59:450:36:15794
5Mick Tinker0:14:300:59:530:45:232382
6Matt Sedgley0:23:301:01:010:37:311093
7Alan Hutchinson0:19:001:01:020:42:022084
8Paul Fotherby0:26:451:01:030:34:18497
9Andy Mace0:12:151:01:100:48:553078
10Paul Grave0:29:151:01:200:32:05299
11Neil Sedgley0:13:301:01:280:47:582680
12Liz Adams0:24:451:01:580:37:13999
13Paul White0:18:451:02:130:43:282283
14Kat O'Mahony0:26:001:02:180:36:188100
15Keith Brewster0:21:451:02:220:40:371886
16Sean Cook0:27:051:02:230:35:18596
17John Hussey0:20:451:02:280:41:431985
18Leila Kara0:16:151:02:360:46:212494
19Steph Gledhill0:22:451:02:470:40:021697
20Richard Irvine0:26:451:02:540:36:09695
21James Tarran0:29:001:03:040:34:04398
22Mike Furby0:25:151:03:240:38:091192
23Pascale Fotherby0:14:451:03:260:48:412891
24Roy Huggins0:24:151:03:300:39:151588
25Nick Smith0:25:151:03:360:38:211291
26Vicki Johnstone0:15:451:03:440:47:592793
27James Forbes0:12:151:03:500:51:353277
28Bob Jackson0:15:301:04:190:48:492979
29Paul Smith0:26:451:05:140:38:291390
30Tim Straughan0:26:451:05:360:38:511489
31James Slater0:26:001:06:030:40:031787
32Tim Towler0:21:001:07:440:46:442581
33Graham Ford0:16:301:09:120:52:423376


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