Autumn Handicap

The results are in!

Congratulations to all 24 Striders who entered the Autumn Handicap: some of them even having more than one go at running , many of the efforts in wind, rain, fog and thick mud! The overall winner, once handicaps had been applied, was Dan Price. Congratulations to Dan, who will keep the trophy until March. Congratulations also to Ross Bibby, who ran the fastest time 37:49 and gained 100 grand prix points. Our next virtual handicap will be the off road route and will be officially announced in the next few days.

Note that all runners had at least 3 race performances in our database so there was no need to use estimates

Finish PosNameHandicap Start TimeGun TimeTime RunningRun PosGrand Prix Pts
1Dan Price00:20:3001:05:0400:44:341091
2Dinesh Kaulgud00:24:0001:07:5700:43:57992
3Steve Dixon00:19:0001:09:5700:50:571982
4Amanda Spencer00:26:3001:10:1500:43:45893
5Alison Price00:25:3001:10:4200:45:121091
6Tim Towler00:21:3001:11:1000:49:401784
7Rachel Bentley00:28:3001:11:1800:42:48695
8Ross Bibby00:33:4501:11:3400:37:491100
9Richard Adcock00:25:0001:11:4500:46:451487
10Dave Middlemas00:33:1501:11:4700:38:32299
11Liz Adams00:26:3001:11:5000:45:201190
12James Tarran00:31:3001:12:1000:40:40398
13Vernon Long00:29:1501:12:1400:42:59794
14Ian Sanderson00:31:3001:12:3400:41:04497
15Alan Hutchinson00:23:1501:12:4300:49:281685
16Sue Sunderland00:24:1501:13:2400:49:091586
17Myra Jones00:31:0001:13:3900:42:39596
18Mike Powell00:28:1501:14:0200:45:471289
19Chris Sawyer00:24:1501:14:1900:50:041883
20Pascale Fotherby00:14:0001:14:5301:00:532279
21Sean Cook00:29:4501:16:1400:46:291388
22Bob Jackson00:18:0001:17:4500:59:452180
23Andy Mace00:20:1501:17:4800:57:332081
24Rebecca Bibby00:05:1501:21:4401:16:292378

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