PECO League Returns


Last Sunday, 14th November, saw the long awaited return of the PECO cross country league. Striders turned out in force at Middleton Park on a fine morning for running, with mild temperatures, decent conditions underfoot and the usual PECO atmosphere. A slight mishap in the first lap led to everyone running slightly further than advertised (especially the faster runners) but the results stand. Well done to our ladies who top both the First Division and the Vets Premier, whilst the men stand in 6th place in the Premier and 3rd in the Vets Premier.

Full team standings can be found on the PECO website, and individual results are at Racebest

The race was also part of the Grand Prix (, with a total of 47 runners picking up points and Daniel Grant the fastest Strider taking the maximum 100 points. See table below for Striders’ results and GP points. The next PECO race is Sunday 5th December at Temple Newsam and we hope to see another good turnout there. Thanks as always to Kathy for the team photo.


PositionNameContestTimeGP Points
8/452Daniel GrantSNR M0:31:46100
39/452John ShanksSNR M0:33:4299
45/452Daniel FisherSNR M0:33:5198
78/452Gary MannSNR M0:35:0297
102/452Danny MurraySNR M0:36:0496
13/345Samantha HarrisSNR F0:36:0795
106/452Paul SmithSNR M0:36:1594
117/452Tim StraughanSNR M0:36:3093
17/345Laura DuffieldSNR F0:36:4892
22/345Katherine O'mahonySNR F0:37:1991
165/452Simon VallanceSNR M0:37:3390
172/452Adam PartonSNR M0:37:5089
178/452Ian SandersonSNR M0:37:5988
179/452James TarranSNR M0:38:0287
35/345Rachel BentleySNR F0:38:3786
196/452Jerry WatsonSNR M0:38:4585
197/452Mats VermeerenSNR M0:38:5084
37/345Holly BlackwoodSNR F0:38:5183
209/452Sean CookSNR M0:39:1982
210/452Mike PowellSNR M0:39:2281
226/452Dinesh KaulgudSNR M0:40:0380
53/345Chloe HudsonSNR F0:40:0879
59/345Steph GledhillSNR F0:40:4478
248/452Graham PawleySNR M0:40:5177
249/452Richard AdcockSNR M0:40:5576
259/452Andrew StonemanSNR M0:41:2575
75/345Rachel DavidsonSNR F0:41:2974
264/452Sean FitzgeraldSNR M0:41:3373
79/345Liz AdamsSNR F0:41:3772
88/345Philippa TrevorrowSNR F0:42:1871
108/345Sue SunderlandSNR F0:43:0570
307/452Chris SawyerSNR M0:43:3069
309/452Jake TowlerSNR M0:43:3568
315/452Keith BrewsterSNR M0:43:5167
332/452Michael RobinsSNR M0:44:3666
345/452Tim TowlerSNR M0:45:2365
180/345Liz BallSNR F0:47:4864
389/452Michael BroughSNR M0:48:3763
396/452Ken FoxSNR M0:49:1262
233/345Jane FontanaSNR F0:50:2361
234/345Becca KeevashSNR F0:50:2560
250/345Bethany LovellSNR F0:51:2659
423/452Bob JacksonSNR M0:53:2058
430/452Neil SedgleySNR M0:55:2557
299/345Becky MurraySNR F0:55:5456
310/345Sally Merchant-EdgeSNR F0:57:4655
439/452Philip LimSNR M0:57:4854

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