Winter Handicap Results


It was a beautiful sunny, but windy morning for the Striders Winter Handicap race: perfect for racing but slightly chilly for some of the marshals. The 10k route went out and back along Eccup reservoir path, over the dam and into the hamlet of Eccup. Congratulations to Jamie Walker and Amanda Spencer who were the fastest male and female runners. Well done to Bethany Lovell, who was the first finisher but didn’t qualify for the trophy as she didn’t have enough race results over the past two years to have an accurate handicap. Second to finish, and the trophy winner, was Sue Sunderland.

Many thanks to Mike and Eileen Crosfill for time keeping and Bob Jackson for his work, compiling the handicap data and also to all the marshals for their enthusiastic support along the route. Looking forward to the Spring handicap, which should take place in early May.

Finish posNameStart markFinish timeRun time
1Bethany Lovell0:16:151:13:440:57:29
2Sue Sunderland0:26:001:14:120:48:12
3Mats Vermeeren0:33:301:15:380:42:08
4Steve Webb0:33:001:15:440:42:44
5Rachel Bentley0:32:001:16:130:44:13
6Leila Kara0:21:301:16:150:54:45
7Dinesh Kaulgud0:30:451:16:180:45:33
8Ruth Warren0:22:301:16:190:53:49
9Amanda Spencer0:32:451:16:210:43:36
10Jamie Walker0:40:001:16:240:36:24
11Paul Grave0:37:001:17:030:40:03
12Graham Pawley0:30:001:17:070:47:07
13Pascale Fotherby0:17:001:17:151:00:15
14Josie Pawley0:28:151:17:200:49:05
15Dave Middlemas0:37:451:17:210:39:36
16Chris Sawyer0:27:301:17:360:50:06
17Vernon Long0:34:001:18:020:44:02
18Richard Irvine0:33:151:18:480:45:33
19Liz Adams0:31:151:19:440:48:29
20Tahir Akhtar0:29:301:20:040:50:34
21Sara Dyer0:10:451:20:101:09:25
22Sean Cook0:33:451:20:500:47:05
23James Tarran0:37:451:22:120:44:27
24Samantha Harris0:35:301:33:450:58:15

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