Grand Prix 2020 Update

For obvious reasons, there have been lots of race cancellations this year, some of which would have formed part of the Valley Strider Grand Prix calendar. Because of this, we are going to allow ‘virtual’ runs to count towards the VS Grand Prix in an “any other” category for the following distances:

  • 1 mile
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • 10 mile
  • Half marathon
  • Marathon

The following conditions apply:

1. Times can be submitted from an actual race (e.g. you may include a time from the recent Elvington races if you wish), or a solo run.

2. Runs must be outside (not on a treadmill)

3. You will need to supply a GPS record for a ‘virtual’ run (e.g. Strava or Garmin Connect). Elapsed time only counts (No stopping the watch!)

4. You can select your own course, but the maximum permitted elevation loss between the start point and the end point is 5%. Maximum 4 laps on a looped course (other than an athletics track). Point to point is allowed.

5. Any efforts on a track need to be over the full distance on the track, not per your watch GPS (i.e. 1 mile= 4 laps + 9 metres of a 400m track or 4 full laps of a 440 yard track, 5K = 12.5 laps)

6. You can run any or all of the distances and times will count up to the end of November 2020.

7. You can submit a time from a previous race, or virtual run in the “any other” category provided it was run between 1 December 2019 and 30 November 2020, as long as it conforms to the rules above.

We already have the results for pre-lockdown parkruns, and also our age grade competition from earlier in the year, so you don’t need to resubmit those. Please note that the 10k spring and autumn handicaps are already included in the Grand Prix, so cannot also count as your ‘any other 10k’.

Click here to complete our new Results Submission form to send us your results.

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