Grand Prix 2021 results


Grand Prix 2021 The results are in!
Congratulations to the 20 runners who completed at least 8 qualifying events in the 2021 Grand Prix and very well done Leila Kara on a fantastic 24 events.

The winners of the Age Categories are

  • John Shanks (792 points) 1st male overall, winner of M35 and Group A
  • Amanda Spencer (778) 1st female overall, F45 and Group C winner
  • Tim Straughan (778) M55 and Group B winner
  • Sam Harris (776) winner of F35
  • James Tarran (776) M45
  • Sue Sunderland (709) F55

Group winners:

  • D Sarah Shanks (746)
  • E Liz Reddington (683)
  • F Leila Kara (662)
  • G Sally Merchant-Edge (585)

There were no winners in the Senior age categories as runners in these had not completed at least 8 qualifying events.

The full final table can be found here, and historic results here.

A free Grand Prix T shirt or vest will be awarded to each of you free of charge. I will email you for details on your preference and sizes.

If you did run 8 or more events but are not listed in the winner’s above, and you wish to purchase a Grand Prix T shirt or vest please email me at [email protected]

Thanks to everyone taking part and we hope the 2022 race calendar will be completed uninterrupted.

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