Virtual Spring Handicap Results!

Well done to everyone who entered the Virtual Spring Handicap and apologies for the delay with the results. The clear winner of the handicap trophy was Andy Wicks with a good second place by Liz Adams. It was a very close race between 3rd and 7th place with only 10 seconds between them. The fastest run was from Vernon Long in 35:05. A full list of the results can be found below.

PosNameFinish TimeStart TimeRun Time
1Andy Wicks0:50:360:11:150:39:21
2Liz Adams0:56:530:19:450:37:08
3Mike Powell0:57:280:21:000:36:28
4Alan Hutchinson0:57:340:18:150:39:19
5Amanda Spencer0:57:360:20:450:36:51
6Dinesh Kaulgud0:57:380:20:300:37:08
6Rebecca Segal0:57:380:12:300:45:08
8Vernon Long0:58:200:23:150:35:05
9Heidi Siddle0:58:560:22:000:36:56
10Vicki Johnstone0:59:280:14:300:44:58
11Sue Sunderland0:59:400:19:150:40:25
12Andy Mace0:59:440:16:000:43:44
13Chris Sawyer1:00:510:18:450:42:06
14Sean Cook1:00:520:22:000:38:52
15Sally Merchant-Edge1:02:090:08:150:53:54
16James Tarran1:05:060:25:150:39:51
17Leila Kara1:05:230:14:150:51:08
18Neil Sedgley1:06:150:13:000:53:15

In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing lots of you at our first actual handicap race for over 18 months on Tuesday 27th July. Much more fun than a virtual race and a good chance to catch up with everyone!

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