Juniors Results July 2021

Contents – York Track & Field, Golden Acre Junior Relays, West Yorks T&F 5 ………………………………………………………..

City of York Track & Field Meeting – 3 July 2021

U11 M75m1Seb Watson11.31
U11 M75m8James Whittle13.05
U11 M75m9Zeekie Yansaneh13.18
U11 M600m2Seb Watson1:57.46
U11 M600m7James Whittle2:14.14
U11 MLong Jump1Seb Watson3.92
U11 MLong Jump5Zeekie Yansaneh3.16
U11 MLong Jump8James Whittle2.68
U13 F75m15Lily Sadler12.44
U13 F150m15Lily Sadler24.07
U13 FLong Jump22Lily Sadler2.73
U13 M75m8Oliver Lubiecki12.38
U13 M800m4Oliver Lubiecki2:47.27
U13 MLong Jump8Oliver Lubiecki3.36
U17 M1500m1Alfie Jones4:50.93

Golden Acre Junior Relays – 6 July 2021

teams of 3, 1 mile each runner

PosTeam nameCategoryName 1Time 1Name 2Time 2Name 3Time 3Total timeCat pos
9VS OJ’sOlder BoysSammy Whitehouse08:09Oliver Lubiecki07:18Joseph Whitehouse07:4323:103
12V S Older Girls 2Older GirlsAlannah Thornton07:19Keira Sykes08:07Alannah Thornton07:5823:246
14VS RocketsOlder BoysJames Whittle08:09Edward Nabozny07:37Seb Watson07:5723:434
16V S older boys 2Older BoysAlfie Ball09:07Michael Fotherby08:01Theo Marshall Brown07:2024:286
18V S older boys 1Older BoysFrankie Riley08:30Harry Pick08:02Lars Hunter08:3625:087
19V S younger boys 1Younger BoysArthur Venning09:19Bertie Bell07:48Aiden Thornton08:0625:132
20VS Older Mixed 1Older MixedChloe Deak08:49Ella Jobson08:31Joseph Urquhart08:1425:344
23VS Younger Boys 2Younger BoysSoren Pailor08:42Isaac Rugg09:17Benjamin Gostling08:2026:193
26VS Younger Boys 3Younger BoysFreddie Jones09:15Jacob Jones09:36Edgar Traviss-Turner08:3527:264
27V S older girls 3Older GirlsEdie Doyle-Woods09:04Kirsten Reid10:10Alice Bonner08:2727:419
29V S Older Girls 1Older GirlsFlorence Bell09:15Caitlyn Hartley09:59Mary Venning09:0228:1610
30VS Older Mixed 2Older MixedZeekie Yansaneh11:00Ella Youngs09:19Emily Whittle08:5829:177
35VS Younger Girls 1Younger GirlsEzzie Yansaneh10:44Grace Ball11:09Imogen Burton08:2330:162

Golden Acre (Adult) Relays – 6 July 2021

teams of 3, 2.75 miles each runner

PosTeam nameCategoryName 1Time 1Name 2Time 2Name 3Time 3Total timeCat pos
20VS Juniors 1Junior BoysAlfie Jones17:09Toby Walker19:17Jamie Walker15:560:52:222
128VS Juniors 2Junior OpenFreya Hunter20:13Christa ShackletonDNFDaniel Fotherby20:08#N/A6

West Yorkshire Track & Field Meeting 4 – 7 July 2021

U11 Boys75 Metres1Seb Watson11.207
U11 Boys75 Metres7Zeekie Yansaneh12.55
U11 Boys75 Metres9Harry Pick12.92
U11 BoysShot 2Kg4Seb Watson5.273
U11 BoysShot 2Kg5Zeekie Yansaneh5.172
U11 BoysShot 2Kg6Harry Pick4.761
U17 Men1500 Metres4Alfie Jones04:45.43

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