Juniors Results May 2021


  • West Yorks T&F 2
  • West Yorks T&F 3
  • Leeds 5k

West Yorkshire Track & Field Meeting 1 – 17 April 2021

meeting postponed to 12 September

West Yorkshire Track & Field Meeting 2 – 5 May 2021

U11 Boys600 metres1Seb Watson02:03.67
U11 Boys600 metres4Edward Nabozny02:07.53
U11 BoysLong jump1Seb Watson3.547
U11 BoysLong jump4Edward Nabozny2.623
U15 Boys200 metres4Zak Reisman28.373
U15 Boys200 metres8Sam Preston29.07 
U15 Boys800 metres5Zak Reisman02:32.52
U15 Boys800 metres6Sam Preston02:32.91
U11 Girls75 metres6Rebecca Kingston12.961
U11 GirlsShot 2kg2Rebecca Kingston5.735
U13 Girls80 metres8Alannah Thornton12.46 
U13 Girls80 metres12Lily Sadler13.07 
U13 Girls80 metres14Keira Sykes13.49 
U13 Girls150 metres9Alannah Thornton23.21 
U13 Girls150 metres11Lily Sadler24.69 
U13 Girls150 metres14Keira Sykes25.33 
U13 GirlsShot 2.72kg5Lily Sadler4.532
U13 GirlsShot 2.72kg9Keira Sykes3.84 
Total Points34

Valley Striders members running for Leeds City

U13 Girls80 metres7Abigail Kingston12.25 
U13 Girls150 metres5Abigail Kingston22.612
U13 GirlsShot 2.72kg1Abigail Kingston7.077

West Yorkshire Track & Field Meeting 3 – 26 May 2021

U11 Boys75 metres1Seb Watson11.247
U11 Boys75 metres7Edward Nabozny12.65 
U11 BoysShot 2kg1Edward Nabozny6.807
U11 BoysShot 2kg4Seb Watson5.303
U15 Boys100 metres7Zak Reisman13.76 
U15 Boys100 metres9Sam Preston13.96 
U15 Boys1500 metres4Zak Reisman05:07.63
U15 Boys1500 metres7Sam Preston05:09.3 
U15 BoysShot 4kg6Sam Preston5.451
U15 BoysShot 4kg8Zak Reisman5.01 
U17 Men1500 metres6Alfie Jones04:50.51
U13 Girls800 metres5Alannah Thornton02:47.42
U13 Girls800 metres6Keira Sykes02:48.31
U13 Girls800 metres12Lily Sadler03:03.6 
U13 GirlsLong jump2Alannah Thornton3.695
U13 GirlsLong jump11Lily Sadler2.77 
U13 GirlsLong jump12Keira Sykes2.57 
Total Points30

After two meetings, every one of the 9 athletes representing Valley Striders has scored some points towards the league table and none had finished in the last two places in any event.

Valley Striders members running for Leeds City

U11 Girls600 Metres2Rebecca Kingston02:01.75
U11 GirlsLong jump5Rebecca Kingston2.832

Leeds 5k – 26 May 2021

79Tom Mackreth0:21:09
96Luke Mackreth0:22:05
119Alfie Tyrrell0:23:27

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