Junior Teams for Golden Acre Relays 2021

last updated 5 July 2021 at 11pm

I will collect all the race numbers for all VS junior teams and will have them waiting for you at the Valley Striders banner which will be quite close to the registration area. You don’t need to go to the registration area yourselves.

I will give each of you your race number, this will be unusual in that it will have a number and a letter. The number is your team’s number, the letter – A, B or C – signifies whether you are running the first, second or third leg. Do not swap numbers and do run in the right order. Please bring 4 safety pins.

Please arrive at the banner by 6:10pm at the very latest (ideally by 6pm). NB if you arrive at Golden Acre after 5:30, the Arthington Road car park may be full, you will need to park in the Otley Road car park and walk across – allow at least 10 minutes for this!

I will brief everyone at 6:15pm, describing the route and explaining how the changeovers work. We will then have a short warm up – particularly for the A runners. B and C runners can join this, but don’t do too much because you’ll then be cooling down while you wait for your incoming runner.

There is a little bit of extra information on the race organiser’s website. Here’s the link. It will open in a new tab.
In particular the members of the 2 junior teams running in the adults race will need this to see their course map.

Junior Relays – younger teams (school years 2 to 4)

VS younger mixed 1 – Jacob Jones, Jess Rollings, Edgar Traviss-Turner
VS younger mixed 2 – Bea Traviss-Turner, Henry Rollings, Freddie Jones
VS EwJuJa – Junior Barclay, Jake Doyle-Woods, Ewan Reid
VS younger mixed 3 – Eve Barton, Sylvie Nichols, Rafael Burton
VS younger girls 1- Ezzie Yansaneh, Grace Ball, Imogen Burton
VS younger boys 1 – Arthur Venning, Bertie Bell, Aiden Thornton
VS younger boys 2 -Soren Pailor, Isaac Rugg, Benjamin Gostling
New team VS younger boys 3 – Freddie Jones, Jacob Jones, Edgar Traviss-Turner
4 teams (was 7)
NB Harry Pick and Chloe Deak and Zeekie Yansaneh are in older teams.

Junior Relays – older teams (school years 5 to 7)

VS Rockets – James Whittle, Edward Nabozny, Seb Watson
VS OJS – Sammy Whitehouse, Oliver Lubiecki, Joseph Whitehouse
VS older boys 1 – Frankie Riley, Harry Pick (sub), Lars Hunter
VS older girls 1 – Florence Bell, Caitlyn Hartley, Mary Venning
VS older girls 2 – Elsie Taylor, Keira Sykes, Alannah Thornton
VS older boys 2 – Alfie Ball, Michael Fotherby, Sam Taylor
VS older girls 3 – Edie Doyle-Woods, Kirsten Reid, Alice Bonner
New team – VS older mixed 1 – Chloe Deak, Ella Jobson, Joseph Urquhart
New team – VS older mixed 2 – Zeekie Yansaneh, Ella Youngs, Emily Whittle
9 teams (was 7)

Adult relays – junior teams (school years 8 to 12)

VS Juniors 1 – Alfie Jones, Toby Walker, Jamie Walker
VS Juniors 2 – Freya Hunter, TBA, Daniel Fotherby (sub)
2 teams