Spring Handicap 2020 Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the virtual late Spring handicap. I hope you had fun taking part. There were some impressive runs considering people were, for the most part, running alone.

It was a very impressive win for Jamie Walker, pictured above receiving the trophy.

Here are the full set of results. Details of the virtual summer handicap will follow shortly.

Finish PosNameCalc or Est?Start TimeGun TimeRun TimeRun PosG.P. Pts
1Jamie WalkerCalc0:30:151:07:310:37:161100
2Richard BalshawCalc0:29:151:10:040:40:49497
3Liz AdamsCalc0:25:001:10:550:45:551388
4Ian SandersonCalc0:30:001:11:000:41:00596
5James TarranCalc0:31:151:11:080:39:53398
6Chris SawyerCalc0:21:451:11:100:49:251883
7Simon VallanceEst0:29:451:11:180:41:33794
8Rachel BentleyCalc0:28:001:11:240:43:24992
9Ross BibbyCalc0:33:451:11:300:37:45299
10Steve WebbEst0:30:301:11:360:41:06695
11Joe HanneyCalc0:26:451:11:480:45:031091
12Sue SunderlandCalc0:24:151:11:540:47:391586
13Toby WalkerEst0:24:451:12:030:47:181487
14Mick TinkerCalc0:19:151:12:210:53:061982
15Myra JonesCalc0:29:301:12:330:43:03893
16Dinesh KaulgudCalc0:24:001:12:560:48:561784
17Leila KaraCalc0:18:001:13:000:55:002378
17Mike PowellCalc0:27:301:13:000:45:301190
19Richard WalkerCalc0:24:451:13:090:48:241685
20Sean CookCalc0:27:301:13:180:45:481289
21Andy MaceCalc0:20:151:13:500:53:352279
22Sofia RobottomCalc0:21:001:14:210:53:212180
23Sara DyerEst0:11:151:15:511:04:362477
24Sally Merchant-EdgeCalc0:11:301:18:051:06:352576
25Richard AdcockCalc0:25:001:18:140:53:142081
Calc means that the Handicap Start Time has been calculated from results in the Performance Database (this requires results from at least 2 road races and/or handicaps in the last 18 months).
Est means that the runner has provided an estimated run time for 5k from which we have calculated a Start Time.
NB Runners without 2 qualifying performances cannot win the Handicap Trophy.

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