Autumn Handicap Results

It was a warm evening for the Autumn handicap with beautiful clear skies and an impressive sunset – what more could you ask for? Twenty runners took part and it was good to see familiar faces as well as some new members too. It’s fair to say that there were some impressive performances from the younger club members, who were determined to show the more experienced runners how it is done! Well done to Jamie Walker, who won the trophy with an impressive time of 29:33. He also claimed 100 grand prix points. Katherine Hogg, Toby Walker and Henry Linter finished slightly before him, but didn’t have enough races on the database to qualify for the cup. Many thanks to Mike and Eileen for timekeeping, Kathy for her help at the finish and Myra, Dinesh, Ian, Steph, Amanda, John and Pat for marshalling the route. Our Winter handicap is traditionally held on a Sunday morning after Christmas – date to be confirmed. It would be good to see even more people there, so let me know what would appeal to you – fancy dress… a social meet up afterwards…

PosNameGun timeStart timeRun timeRun posGP points
1Katherine Hogg00:54:240:04:0000:50:242080
2Toby Walker00:54:440:19:1500:35:29794
3Henry Linter00:55:050:17:3000:37:351289
4Jamie Walker00:55:330:26:0000:29:331100
5Stuart Wiggans00:55:520:15:0000:40:521783
6Richard Adcock00:56:000:18:4500:37:151190
7Paul Appleby00:56:050:20:0000:36:051091
8Sean Cook00:56:240:20:4500:35:39893
9Simon Vallance00:56:270:22:0000:34:27596
10Graham Pawley00:56:320:18:0000:38:321486
11Richard Walker00:56:500:18:4500:38:051387
12Josie Pawley00:56:590:17:3000:39:291684
13Ian Lenihan00:57:240:16:1500:41:091882
14Andrew Bennett00:57:270:25:4500:31:42398
15Vernon Long00:57:380:22:1500:35:23695
16Roy Huggins00:57:450:21:4500:36:00992
17Leroy Sutton00:57:590:18:4500:39:141585
18Alfie Jones00:58:050:24:3000:33:35497
19Leila Kara00:58:120:12:1500:45:571981
20John Shanks00:58:420:27:3000:31:12299

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