Grand Prix 2020 Update – Now Extended

The 2020 Grand Prix table has been updated and can be found here (opens in Excel).

There are currently 12 runners who have completed 8 or more qualifying events this year and a further 13 who have done 6 or 7. Like with so many things this year the running calendar came to a sudden standstill from the lockdown in March with a very small number of exceptions later in the year such as the Baildon Boundary Way. We appreciate this has made it difficult to achieve the number of qualifying races. For this reason we have created the virtual handicap races and also virtual races – your own recorded run over a specified distance – 1 mile, 5k, 5 miles, 10k, half Marathon and Marathon. These provide a great opportunity to boost your races and points for the year.

Vernon @ Baildon Boundary Way, 1st Nov. Picture courtesy of Woodentops.

To enable more runners to get 8 events in we have agreed to extend the 2020 Grand Prix to the 31 December. 

Penalty points deduction – 5 points are usually deducted from your points score for each category under 5 that you have participated in. The categories are shown by different coloured columns in the spreadsheet). In view of the fact there haven’t been any specific Grand Prix park runs, no medium distance events and only one fell and trail event no penalty points will be deducted if you have run in at least 4 categories. The virtual races should enable you to increase your categories to 4.

Please note that the club handicap 10k around Eccup is open to race and record your time individually. This has now been extended to the end of December.

Ultra races – please submit details of any where you are missing points in this category. Race and date, distance, your time and the winner’s time. 

Valley Striders Grand Prix T shirt/vests will be awarded to the winner of each Group A-G and to any other runner who has won an age category M/F senior, 35, 45 55. The winner of each Group will also be promoted for the 2021 season. 

Let’s hope some normality begins to show through next Spring and we can all get back to enjoying some company on our training runs and some competition in organised races. 

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