Grand Prix Update November 2023

From Alan Hutchinson

There are only 3 events left in the current GP year:

  • PECO race 1 cross country Middleton Park – 12 November
  • Tadcaster 10 – 19 November
  • Even Splits Leeds 5k – 22 November

The standings after last weekend for each group’s leading points scorer are as follows: 

A Sam Harris
B Rachel Davidson
C Leila Kara
D Sue Sunderland
E Vicki Johnstone
F Jade Beale (5 events, 8 required)
G Louise Jennings 

A Paul Grave
B Andy Parkinson
C Richard Irvine
D Jon Jackson
E Keith Brewster
F Mick Tinker
G Neil Sedgley 

Ultra Races – please submit details of any ultra events you have run this year if not already shown in the results as we only have a small number to date – we need the event name and date, the winner’s time and your time.  

The winners of the Age Categories and Groups will be posted shortly after the last race of the season. 


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