Spring Handicap

I hope everyone’s running is going well and you are enjoying getting outdoors. I would like to launch another challenge to keep you motivated: the Valley Striders belated virtual Spring handicap race. This will take place alongside James’ VS Club age graded challenge and can be done any time between now and the end of July. (The Summer Handicap on the usual offroad course will be in August)

The route will be the 10K handicap route which we used quite regularly till a few years ago. It is shown below.

Here is a brief description of the route.

Start on the towpath at the bottom of Goodrick Lane at the end of the drain channel where we normally start and finish handicap races. Run along the towpath until you reach the gate and turn left onto the dam. Follow the road along the dam turning right then left past the waterworks then onto Eccup Moor Road. Follow Eccup Moor Road passing Bank House Farm on your right until you reach a fork in the road. Bear right onto Village Road. A little further on, ignore the turn to the left, continuing on Village Road. When this meets Eccup Lane, turn sharp left down Eccup Lane then almost immediately left down Blacksmith Lane (this used to be a road but is now more of a track). This takes you back onto Village Road, then after 40 metres there is a fork, bear right down another track, which then rejoins Eccup Moor Road a bit further down from where you ran up Village Road. Turn left and follow the route back along Eccup Moor Road and the towpath until you reach the start again.

Your time can be recorded on a normal watch. If you use a GPS device (eg watch or phone) you must record the total elapsed time, so if you stop for a rest, this must be recorded. You can submit your time here or message me personally.

This challenge will follow the usual handicap rules (see the website https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/run/competition/club-handicap/ ). You will be given a handicap time based on your times for VSGP races and parkruns up to 15th March 2020 (when lockdown began) You need to look at the list of names attached to this announcement and check that your name is on it. If it is not, then you will need to let me have an estimated 5k time before you run so that I can work out a provisional handicap time for you.

Handicap times will be added to your submitted 10k time and the person who runs the fastest total time will win the trophy (unless we have used an estimated handicap time.)

Also, you will score points from your submitted 10k time in the 2020 Grand Prix series under the handicap race category.

Good luck everyone. Stay safe and enjoy your runs!


List of names for whom we already have handicap “start” times: Adam Parton, Aileen Loftus, Alan Hutchinson, Alex Nancolas, Alex Watson-Usher, Alfie Jones, Alfie Tyrrell, Alison Price, Alistair Preston, Alun Davies, Amanda Spencer, Andrew Bell, Andrew Bennett, Andy Mace, Andy Settle, Andy Wicks, Angeline Dresser, Anna Hobbs, Anna Milburn, Annabel Lim, Anne Jones, Becky Murray, Bethan Bond, Bethany Lovell, BK Bhachu, Bob Jackson, Brian Tyrrell, Caroline Tolan, Charlotte Atkinson, Chloe Hudson, Chris Sawyer, Christine Huckerby, Clive Bandy, Dan Fisher, Dan Murray, Dan Price, Daniel Grant, Daryl Hibberd, Dave Jones, Dave Middlemas, David Herdsman, David Merritt, David Song, Dinesh Kaulgud, Drew Taylor, Ellen Adcock, Emma Rose, Emma Wallace, Faith Bowman, Gary Mann, Ged Coll, Gemma Merritt, Graham Jones, Graham Pawley, Griff Lippiatt, Gwil Thomas, Hannah Corne, Hayley Nancolas, Heather Pawley, Holly Button, Huw Lippiatt, Iain Currie, Ian Lenihan, Ian Rosser, Ian Sanderson, James Tarran, Jamie Walker, Jane Fontana, Jean Hussey, Jeremy Ladyman, Jerry Watson, Jihanna Bonilla-Allard, Jillian Sabourn, Joanne Dammone, Joe Hanney, Joel Giddings, John Batchelor, John Hobbs, John Hussey, John Shanks, John Wallace, Jon Pownall, Jonathan Ball, Jonathan Macnay, Jonathan Young, Josie Pawley, Josie Rothera, Julie McGurk, Karl Robottom, Ken Fox, Kevin Mcmullan, Leila Kara, Leroy Sutton, Lisa Jones, Liz Adams, Liz Ball, Liz Reddington, Louise Castle, Louise Jennings, Malcolm Coles, Mark Burdon, Mark Farrell, Martin Sutcliffe, Matt Sedgley, Matthew Hallam, Meryll Cripps, Michael Hall, Mick Loftus, Mick Tinker, Mike Powell, Mike Robins, Myra Jones, Neil Hall, Neil Sedgley, Nicola Hartley, Pascale Fotherby, Paul Fotherby, Paul Mackreth, Paul Sanderson, Paul Smith, Paul White, Pip Trevorrow, Pro Ganguly, Rachel Bentley, Rachel Davidson, Rav Panesar, Rebecca Bibby, Rich Clough, Richard Adcock, Richard Balshaw, Richard Irvine, Richard Walker, Rob Hamilton, Rob Marsh, Robert Howard, Ronan Loftus, Ross Bibby, Roy Huggins, Ruth Warren, Sally Merchant-Edge, Sam Davison, Samantha Harris, Samantha Walker, Sarah Diamond, Sarah Graham, Sarah Mann, Sarah Shanks, Sarah Smith, Sean Cook, Sean Fitzgerald, Sofia Robottom, Steph Gledhill, Sue Carr, Sue Sunderland, Suweta Khurana, Suzie Shenderey, Tahir Akhtar, Tally Diamond, Tim Straughan, Tim Towler, Tom Brown, Tom Button, Tom Thomas, Tom Venning, Tony Mills, Vernon Long, Vicki Johnstone, William Nabozny,

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