Junior Activities from 4th to 21st July

Saturday 4 July to Wednesday 8 July

Lockdown activity, how much height can you gain in 10 or 15 minutes?  See post on Facebook or see end of this post for more details

Tuesday 7 July

Training session at Leos, 40 juniors have been invited – this date is full.

Following last Tuesday’s session we’ve done a further risk assessment and although the activities for juniors are unchanged we’ve amended the procedures for the meeting points, the roles of leader and assistant and where other parents should be to watch the session.

If you have been invited for 7 July, please read the news item on the website before attending.

Wednesday 8 July

this is the latest date to fill in the survey / questionnaire to apply to take part in the sessions on 14 or 21 July.  If you’ve not yet done this (and so far, only one-third of parents have), please read the news item on the website.

Then, at the bottom of this page on the website is a link to the survey. You should fill in the survey whether or not you’ve already been to one of the pilot sessions (and whether or not you did a questionnaire 2 weeks ago).  We will pick the names only from those who’ve filled in the new survey. 

Saturday 11 July to Sunday 12 July

Lockdown activity, how far can you run 10 minutes (school years 6 and below) or 15 minutes (school years 7 and above)? 

This is for the Leeds Junior Clubs Virtual Race. There is no limit to the number of juniors that can run, and everyone scores points, so the more that run the more likely we are to do well. 

In the first of these races, in June, we were 2nd and 3rd, can we do better and win one of the trophies? 

More details of the format are in this post

The results can be found here

Tuesday 14 July

Training session at Leos, 40 juniors will be invited

Tuesday 21 July

Training session at Leos, 40 juniors will be invited

There are 80-places available (40 on each date) and we will give everyone a place who replies (unless we get more than 80 replies).  Going forward our selection will give some advantage to those who are taking part in lockdown activities i.e. training (from home) when not invited to a session and doing the weekend races and other activities.

More information about this weekend’s challenge – Sat 4 July to Wed 8 July

Next weekend (11-12 July) we have another team competition against the other 9 junior clubs in Leeds.

This (extended) weekend we have a variation on this theme – again it’s a 10 or 15 minute run, but for this one you’re aiming to gain the most height.

No, you don’t have to find a hill that continues for 2 or 3km, you need to find a short hill, run up and down, it’s the total height you’ve gone up, the downhill isn’t negated.

I hope some of you do this, it is something that is being considered for a future Leeds Junior Clubs challenge and I’d appreciate your feedback.

If you’re sure your technology doesn’t have the capability to record height, then just do a normal 10 or 15 minute distance challenge.  (the free version of Strava does record height, so maybe try downloading the app before giving up!)

This weekend’s challenge ends on Wednesday at 9pm to give you plenty of time to test routes and tactics – is it better to go up a short steep hill or a longer gradual hill?

This weekend’s challenge counts as a lockdown activity.

Please let me know details of your run (including your tactics) by posting a comment here.

More information about next weekend’s challenge – Sat 11 July 6am to Sun 12 July 6pm

It’s simple, run as far as you can in a specified time.

Up to and including school year 6 run for 10 minutes.  School years 7 and above run for 15 minutes.

Two rules -(1) the route must not be predominately downhill, and (2) the time is the total elapsed time, i.e. you mustn’t pause your watch, and, although Strava spots when you’re resting you must use its elapsed time not its moving time.

Note that if you don’t have the technology to record your distance, email [email protected]  as we have some suggestions.

Report back via the Facebook post or email [email protected] by Sunday 9pm at the latest, if you’re any later your results won’t be included.

There is no limit to the number of juniors that can run, and everyone scores points, so the more that run the more likely we are to do well.  Please run this coming weekend and represent your club!

We were 2nd and 3rd in June; can we do better and win one of the trophies?