Juniors training 2 June, Virtual race 6-7 June, Peco results, Bingo results

Updated 9 June, here’s a link to the results of the Leeds Junior Clubs Virtual Race held on 6-7 June

Results of Peco Virtual Relay and Running Bingo

In the Peco Juniors Virtual Relay a weekend ago there were 33 teams in total including 6 teams from Valley Striders, who took 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 21st and 25th places.  Full results at the end of this email.

In the Running Bingo event last weekend, the juniors who completed the challenge were Kate Irvine, Jamie Smith, Keira Sykes, Bob Jackson, Freya Hunter, Lars Hunter, Ella Jobson, Toby Walker, Abs and Bec Kingston, Matt Sedgley, Freya Hunter (again, with a different set of landmarks), Jorgie & Caitlyn Hartley and Lily Sadler.  Plus a number of parents taking the photos.  Well done everyone!

Training (from home) 2 June

20 junior Striders “came” to last week’s Tuesday training (from home) session. This was a few down on the previous week.

Keira Sykes completed her 25th session and a bronze medal is in the post to her.  A big round of applause for her, please.

Next week we may be putting out (virtual) flags and bunting before the session as there are currently three juniors all on 99 sessions so will receive their gold medal if they take part this week.

This week’s Tuesday training (from home) session will be at the usual time, ideally between 6pm and 7pm but any time between 3pm and 8pm acceptable.

Reminder of your session

  • Either: warm up (jogging, skipping, striding), then a medium paced run for 10-15 minutes (younger runners) / 20-30 minutes older runners, then cool down stretches.
  • Or: warm up, a very steady run of 15-20 minutes (younger runners) / 30-40 minutes (older runners) interspersed with a few sprints and/or hill efforts, then cool down.
  • (Take a look at last week’s posts for other ideas!)

Reply to the Facebook post (or email [email protected]) with a summary of your activity and you’ll be credited with one attendance towards your 25, 50 or 100 medal.

Juniors Virtual Team Race on 6 and 7 June

Many of you will be well practised for this after the race versus Pudsey & Bramley and the relay versus other Peco League junior clubs.

This time more clubs have been invited and Abbey, Leeds City, Pudsey & Bramley and Skyrac have already accepted so we may be (virtual) racing against Abs Kingston, Evie Rose, Jess Baxter and Raf Mirfin!

There is a minor change for this race – up to school year 6 will run for 10 minutes instead of 15.  School years 7 and above run for 15 minutes (as before).

Same rules i.e. (1) the route must not be predominately downhill, and (2) the time is the total elapsed time, i.e. you mustn’t pause your watch, and, although Strava spots when you’re resting you must use its elapsed time not its moving time.

Note that if you don’t have the technology to record your distance, email [email protected] as we have some suggestions.

Report back via the Facebook post or email [email protected]

NB every runner will score points towards the team scores so please run this coming weekend and represent your club!

Valley Striders weekend challenge for 13/14 June

We have something in mind but you’ll have to wait to find out.

Peco Junior Relay result

All competitors ran for 15 minutes and then the distance run was multiplied by an age-grade factor to normalise it for all ages and both genders.  The table below shows actual distance and graded distance (in km).

7 VS Yellow 10.90 12.34
 Zak Reisman 3.47 4.00
 Jamie Walker 4.19 4.61
 Toby Walker 3.24 3.73

10 VS Red 9.71 11.91
 Joseph Whitehouse 3.33 3.95
 Oliver Lubiecki 3.40 4.03
 Sammy Whitehouse 2.98 3.93

14 VS Purple 8.51 11.52
 Bec Kingston 2.86 4.00
 Lucy Adcock 2.60 3.64
 Freya Hunter 3.05 3.88

17 VS Green 8.69 11.38
 Florence Bell 2.43 3.40
 Bertie Bell 2.90 4.00
 Luke Mackreth 3.36 3.98

21 VS Blue 9.23 10.78
 Daniel Fotherby 3.16 3.64
 Michael Fotherby 3.15 3.86
 Matt Sedgley 2.92 3.28

25 VS Orange 8.08 10.39
 Ewan Reid 3.20 4.22
 Kirsten Reid 2.33 3.05
 Lars Hunter 2.55 3.12

The other clubs taking part were Abbey Runners (11 teams including 2nd place), Eccleshill (2 teams), Harrogate Harriers (7 teams including 1st and 3rd), Knaresborough Striders (2 teams) and Nidd Valley (5 teams).

You can find the full results of all 33 teams at http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/relay.html (opens in new tab)