Juniors Training (from home) 26 May and Bingo Run school holiday week.

While 18 of our juniors are competing in the Peco Juniors Virtual Relay this long weekend, this message is to let you know about our other activities for the school holiday week.

Training (from home) 26 May

27 junior Striders “came” to last week’s Tuesday training (from home) session. This was a few down on the previous week but maybe some were still recovering from their exertions at the P&B vs VS race.

This week’s Tuesday training (from home) session will be at the usual time, ideally between 6pm and 7pm but any time between 3pm and 8pm acceptable.  I’d normally expect numbers to be down a bit for school holiday week but suspect not many of you will be away on Tuesday.

I’m announcing the awards now so you’ll be able to start your run promptly on Tuesday. Please give a big round of applause to Florence Bell (silver medal for 50 sessions) and Ewan Reid (bronze for 25).

Suggestions for your session

  • Either: warm up (jogging, skipping, striding), then a medium paced run for 10-15 minutes (younger runners) / 20-30 minutes older runners, then cool down stretches.
  • Or: warm up, a very steady run of 15-20 minutes (younger runners) / 30-40 minutes (older runners) interspersed with a few sprints and/or hill efforts, then cool down.
  • (Take a look at last week’s posts for other ideas!)

Reply to the Facebook post (or email [email protected]) with a summary of your activity and you’ll be credited with one attendance towards your 25, 50 or 100 medal.

Next weekend I’ll again announce if anyone achieved a medal (we have one junior Strider currently on 24 and one on 99) and start another post for 2 June

Bingo Run 30 or 31 May

Thanks to Nick Smith from the Smith’n’Jones family for this suggestion.

Selfie Bingo

1 point per photo located and snapped during lockdown run. Bonus for full-house

  1. Chalk Rainbow
  2. Phone Box
  3. Letter Box
  4. Traffic Lights
  5. Blue Plaque
  6. School
  7. Skip
  8. Pub
  9. Fish & Chip Shop
  10. Poster in shop window or elsewhere mentioning “Coronavirus” or “Covid-19”

Your mission is to complete a single run next weekend (30/31 May) that goes past as many of these landmarks as possible and take a selfie at each. The landmarks can be run in any order.  Then post your selfies (and also your route if possible) in the Facebook Group.

Notes (we may add to these depending what questions are asked)

  • See https://leedscivictrust.org.uk/whatwedo/heritage/blue-plaques/ for list of blue plaques in Leeds
  • If you don’t have one or more of the landmarks local to you, then find what you hope we will consider as a substitute!
  • Residents of Thorner have special dispensation to run on Friday after 4pm
  • You may do a recce on your bicycle but anyone who does their Bingo Run on a bicycle will receive a red card and an automatic 3 week ban,

We suggest you do one of more recces of your local area to spot these and then plan a good route!  One recce could be your run for Tuesday training – medium paced with plenty of stops to look for landmarks.

Leeds Junior Clubs Virtual Race 6 and 7 June

On the weekend of 6/7 June will be another event in a similar format to our Virtual Race against Pudsey & Bramley last weekend.  This time 5 more clubs have been invited – Abbey, Otley, Rothwell, Skyrac and Wetherby. Skyrac have already accepted so we may be (virtual) racing against Raf Mirfin and Jess Baxter.

There will be a few minor changes to the format, one being that the years 6 & below category will run for 10 minutes (but the years 7 & over remains at 15)

More on this nearer the date.