EA National Virtual Relays 2021

With ‘real’ racing being off the agenda for the time being, the National road relays for 2021 were held in virtual format.  For each round, runners competed over a 5M individual time trial over a local road course of their choosing with the fastest four mens’ and fastest four women’s times from each club added together to provide the club’s overall time.

The first round was held in early January, with the fastest fifty clubs in the country qualifying for the National Round in February. The winners of the National Round will represent England against the other home nations in March.

In the first round, twenty Striders competed and we achieved a total team time 4:05.53 to qualify in 48th place out of 128 teams, a great result for the club.  Our counters for the women were Heidi Siddle, Sarah Shanks, Sam Harris and Hayley Nancolas and for the men John Hobbs, Rav Panesar, John Shanks and Jonathan Young.  Jamie Walker recorded the second fastest time in the whole country in the U15B age category with 29:37.

In the National Round held last week, we had 21 runs recorded and we achieved a team time of 4:09.16, finishing in 47th position out of the 50 teams.  Our counters for the men were Rav Panesar, Tom Van Rossum and Reuben Hill and for the women Sarah Shanks, Sam Harris, Hayley Nancolas and Heidi Siddle.  Sue Sunderland finished second nationally in the W60 age cat.

Round 1

PositionNameTimeGP Points
122John Hobbs00:26:57100
159Rav Panesar00:27:2399
163John Shanks00:27:2598
223Jonathan Young00:27:5897
242Jonathan Ball00:28:0796
443Jamie Walker00:29:3795
830James Tarran00:31:5594
Paul Fotherby00:33:0293
1077Heidi Siddle00:33:3692
1122Sarah Shanks00:33:5391
1187Samantha Harris00:34:1690
1207Hayley Nancolas00:34:2589
1223Simon Vallance00:34:2988
Ian Sanderson00:34:3487
1261Dan Price00:34:4386
1394Sean Cook00:35:3885
1514Rachel Bentley00:36:4084
1595Liz Adams00:37:2083
1665Richard Walker00:38:0682
1764Ken Fox00:39:0981
2108Leila Kara00:43:5280
Andy Mace00:45:1279
2252Bob Jackson00:46:5478

Full results can be found here.

Round 2

PositionNameTimeGP Points
162Rav Panesar00:27:03100
254John Shanks00:28:1199
276Tom Van Rossum00:28:2898
360Reuben Hill00:29:1597
456James Tarran00:30:3596
645Paul Fotherby00:32:5295
667Sarah Shanks00:33:0994
686Samantha Harris00:33:2293
701Hayley Nancolas00:33:3392
817Sean Cook00:35:2391
854Heidi Siddle00:36:1590
870Rachel Bentley00:36:4189
889Nicola Hartley00:37:0788
893Liz Adams00:37:1387
915Richard Walker00:38:1586
920Sue Sunderland00:38:3485
938Steph Gledhill00:39:2284
938Ken Fox00:39:2284
971Steve Dixon00:41:4182
1006Leila Kara00:45:0781
1020Bob Jackson00:48:1780

Full results can be found here.

Finally, the Grand Prix points tables have been updated on our new league tables page here.

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