Grand Prix 2021 Update

There are still 2 weeks to the end of March to complete your first quarter virtual races over any or all of 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 10 miles and half marathon. The 20 miles and full marathon distances remain open to 30 June to complete. To post your results, click here and fill in the form. To see your scores, click here.

34 Striders have completed at least one event and well done to Sam Harris and Leila Kara who have already done 7 qualifying events.

In the second quarter virtual races over the same distances as well as over 5 miles will all count for GP points. While we remain hopeful that actual races will recommence during the second quarter we are awaiting guidance from English Athletics. If you do enter any races that were originally in last year’s Grand Prix competition, or have got places carried over from last year, and these races go ahead during 2021 the events will be included in this year’s competition.

Covid restrictions are currently intended to be lifted on 21 June (Step 4). The first actual GP 2021 races scheduled after this date are the Otley 10 miles (23 June) open for entries (250 limit) and the Eccup 10 miles (27 June) also open for entries.


I have already submitted my results for running 1 mile in January. I’ve just run the same distance in a faster time. Can I submit this result as well?

Yes, your fastest time will be used to calculate your GP points.

I have a place in the Leeds Half Marathon which has been rescheduled from last year to 9 May 2021 and a place in the Apperley Bridge Canter rescheduled for 3 June. Will I score GP points if I run these?

Yes in both cases. We don’t yet know if these events will have to be rescheduled again but providing they take place this year they will be included in the GP.

Will the points for the Leeds Half be instead of points I scored for running a half marathon virtual race?

No the Leeds Half is a specific GP event and you will score points for this as well as for your virtual race.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected]

Enjoy your running!


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