Summer Handicap Results

Yesterday evening 31 Striders took part in the Summer Handicap. This was possibly the warmest evening of the year so far, so nobody could blame anyone for not wanting to run (including myself who took the easier option of running first thing in the morning when it was much cooler.) Everyone, however, completed the 5 mile route in some commendable times. Congratulations to Sofia Robottom, who came in first and therefore won the cup and to John Hobbs who had the fastest time, despite the heat. Many thanks to our marshals Tim, Liz, Simon, Steve, James, Ian, John, Pat, Sally and Kathy; to Mike and Eileen for their time keeping and Andy for the photographs on the route. Also thanks to Bob, who has processed the results so quickly.

Finishing PositionNameRun TimeStart TimeTotal TimeNet PositionGrand Prix Points
1Sofia Robottom0:41:2314:000:55:232279
2Karl Robottom0:41:4714:000:55:472477
3Dinesh Kaulgud0:41:4614:300:56:162378
4Alan Hutchinson0:39:2917:000:56:292081
5Andy Mace0:42:3414:300:57:042576
6Richard Adcock0:39:1818:150:57:331982
7Vernon Long0:34:4523:000:57:451091
8John Hobbs0:28:4329:300:58:131100
9Gwil Thomas0:31:0927:150:58:24398
10Dan Grant0:30:2728:000:58:27299
11Myra Jones0:34:1324:200:58:33893
12Chris Sawyer0:40:5517:450:58:402180
13Pip Trevorrow0:38:5619:450:58:411784
14Huw Lippiatt0:31:2027:300:58:50497
15Tom Brown0:35:1323:380:58:511289
16Mike Powell0:37:5521:000:58:551487
17Mark Farrell0:34:3624:200:58:56992
18Tony Mills0:36:3722:300:59:071388
19Mick Tinker0:43:5815:150:59:132675
20Ross Bibby0:32:0127:150:59:16596
21Joel Giddings0:34:0525:150:59:20695
22Malcolm Coles0:44:2315:300:59:532774
23Liz Ball0:44:2815:300:59:582873
24Anthony Fryer0:34:4625:301:00:161190
25Gary Mann0:34:1126:301:00:41794
26Leila Kara0:46:4914:001:00:493071
27Kat O'Mahony0:38:5122:301:01:211685
28Sean Fitzgerald0:38:0324:001:02:031586
29John Wallace0:45:4417:301:03:142972
30Sean Cook0:39:1624:451:04:011883
31Pascale Fotherby0:52:3913:451:06:243170

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