Big Flat Runway Races

Sunday 4th of October saw a welcome return of racing for many Striders, although not as we know it. The Big Flat Runway Races, organised by EvenSplits, were an opportunity to pin on a race number once again in a socially-distanced fashion. There were 5 distances to choose from – 5km to Marathon – made up of varying numbers of laps of Elvington Airfield near York.

Striders were represented in all distances, with 16 runners taking part in total, and their results are shown below.

PositionBibNameRaceGenderGender PositionCategoryCategory PositionNet Time
105/1321084Sue SunderlandMarathonF8/22FV601/203:54:45
19/2982013John Shanks10KM19/181MV353/330:36:34
21/2982286Jonathan Ball10KM21/181MV452/250:36:42
134/2982101David Merritt10KM120/181MV3525/330:46:12
190/2982154Ruth Warren10KF37/117FV651/20:54:46
4/1173002John HobbsHalf MarathonM4/83MV401/1501:13:37
35/1173122Vernon LongHalf MarathonM34/83MV504/801:31:53
12/1244117Ian Sanderson10MM12/72MV454/1201:04:33
16/1244013James Tarran10MM16/72MV503/1401:06:51
35/1244028Sarah Shanks10MF3/52FV351/1201:18:17
45/1244041Liz Adams10MF8/52FV452/601:21:36
47/1244127Dinesh Kaulgud10MM39/72MV457/1201:22:02
66/1244059Gemma Merritt10MF16/52FSEN2/901:27:50
96/1244086Pascale Fotherby10MF31/52FV407/1001:37:55
112/1244100Sally Merchant-Edge10MF40/52FV504/401:44:55
11/1585014David Song5KM11/88MSEN9/3800:16:38

Thanks to John Shanks for the photos below.

Well done to everyone who took part. Full results can be found here.

If you’ve taken part in any races, don’t forget you can share your results, pictures and stories here.