Grand Prix mid year update

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Is it already July. Sure doesn’t feel like it. Let’s have a quick look at how the 2024 Grand Prix competitions are going.
Ladies – 7 have completed at least 8 GP events with Leila Kara already running a fantastic fifteen. Leading the table on 785 points is Georgia Baynes, with Steph Gledhill in second on 776 (first FV45) and Amanda Spencer 3rd on 773 (first FV55).
Men – 11 runners have done 8 or more and James Slater looks to be covering all bases with 17 so far. Leading the table is Paul Grave on 787 points. Second is Andy Parkinson 770 (first senior) and Ian Sanderson on 766 (leading group C).
Have a look at the table on the website to see how you are doing. There are plenty of group and age categories I haven’t mentioned here. At the top of the detailed results table and also in the events calendar you’ll see the remaining races included in the competition. You can also submit details of any half or full Marathon you’ve run, and any Ultra event – we haven’t been notified of any Ultras run this year.
Upcoming Grand Prix events in July are Even Splits 5k, Danefield relay 2nd, Eccup 10 miles 7th, Ilkley Half Marathon 14rh and Golden Acre relay 16th.
Keep running and let’s hope the summer weather gets back on track.
Image to add to post is taken at the Summer Mile.

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