V S Update 19th September 2019


Cross country events (West Yorks XC, Peco XC, County, regional and national)
Race results (Yorks Vets Relays, Leeds Country Way, Vale of York, Northern 6 stage, Club handicap)

But First

A reminder that it will be Roy Huggins’ 500th parkrun at Woodhouse Moor on Saturday (21st), so hoping there are lots of Striders to share his celebrations (and there are V S Grand Prix points available too)


NB the information in this section is for adults (age 17 and above).  Junior members can enter all of the events below (if old enough), junior waiting list can enter Peco, see https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/events-for-juniors-autumn-winter-2019-20/ .

For all races, all (adult) runners must be affiliated with England Athletics.  If you’re not sure whether you are affiliated or you don’t know your England Athletics number go to https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/members-area/club-information/membership-list/

West Yorkshire Cross Country League

The WYXC races are multiple laps on a grass course. Overall they are a higher standard than the PECOs.  XC spikes are the most popular choice of footwear for these events, although there will be plenty of people running in trail or fell shoes. Women run approximately 5k and men approximately 7k.

4 meetings, ladies’ race at 13:45 and men’s race at 14:15
– Sat 5 Oct at Cliffe Castle Keighley (Keighley College)
– Sun 27 Oct at Nunroyd Park Guiseley
– Sun 17 Nov at West Park Leeds
– Sun 8 Dec at Princess Mary Stadium Spenborough/Cleckheaton

Email [email protected]  to express an interest or reply to the post in the VSAC Members FB group.

Please pay £20 to VSAC Payments Account sort code Sort Code: 53-70-00 Account Number: 72143851 – before 10pm Monday 23 September, making sure your name is in the reference.

NB if you are not able to take part in the first two races, do not pay now, instead please let us know and we will inform you if there is a reduced rate for the last two.

Peco Cross Country League

The PECO races are trail races of 4.5-5.5 miles. They involve footpaths, fields and usually mud and hills. They are fun and inclusive of all abilities. We encourage everyone to give them a go but recommend investing in a pair of trail or fell shoes, if you don’t already have some.’

Provisional dates and venues – please treat these as provisional as some of the clubs due to organise these still need to confirm
– 24 November at Templenewsam
– 15 December at Middleton Park
– 19 January at Harrogate
– 9 February at West Park Leeds
– 1 March at Roundhay
– 29 March for Relays location to be advised.

You will need to enter yourself online, details will appear on the Racebest website https://racebest.com/races?month=201911

Note that if you are intending to run 3 or more of the 5 races it is cheaper to buy a season ticket.

County, Regional and National

For your diary now, more info to follow

Northern Cross Country Relays – Saturday 19 October at Graves Park Sheffield.  If interested please contact John, Daz or Myra or email [email protected]

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships – Saturday 4 January at Lightwater Valley

Northern Cross Country Championships – Saturday 25 January at Camp Hill Estate just south of Bedale

English National Cross Country – Saturday 22 February at Wollaton Park, Nottingham


Food on Tuesday 1 October will be a choice of 
(a) Chicken Curry and Rice
(b) Vegetarian Curry and Rice
(c) Honey Chicken with Broccoli and Rice

For 7:10pm sitting please order to [email protected]

For 8:30pm sitting please wait for a Facebook post on VSAC members FB group

Please place orders by Sunday 29 September 10pm and pay on the night.


Yorkshire Veterans Road Relay at York

3 legs approximately 4.5km each (the first leg was 50m longer than the other two)

Silver medals for the F45 team, bronze medals for the M50, F35 and F55 teams, and highly commended (from me) for the three (!) M60 teams and one M70 team

14 VS M50-59 (3rd)
 James Tarran 0:16:57
 Richard Balshaw 0:17:47
 Steve Webb 0:17:30
 Total 0:52:14
34 VS F35-44 (3rd)
 Hannah Corne 0:19:47
 Chloe Hudson 0:19:39
 Myra Jones 0:17:39
 Total 0:57:05
41 VS M60-69 (5th)
 Alan Hutchinson 0:20:20
 Graham Needham 0:19:45
 Ken Fox 0:19:30
 Total 0:59:35
45 VS F45-54 (2nd)
 Amanda Spencer 0:19:29
 Rachel Mackie 0:20:44
 Liz Adams 0:20:01
 Total 1:00:14
54 VS M60-69 (8th)
 Brian Tyrrell 0:21:51
 Chris Sawyer 0:20:46
 Tosh Akhtar 0:20:42
 Total 1:03:19
58 VS F55-64 (3rd)
 Sue Sunderland 0:19:50
 Leila Kara 0:22:44
 Liz Reddington 0:21:39
 Total 1:04:13
64 VS M60-69 (10th)
 Keith Brewster 0:21:15
 Leroy Sutton 0:20:28
 Bob Jackson 0:24:56
 Total 1:06:39
77 VS M70+ (4th)
 Geoff Webster 0:26:35
 Tony Haygarth 0:26:38
 Paul White 0:21:45
 Total 1:14:58

Leeds Country Way Relay

Team results
– men’s team 2nd in 6:52:51
– vets team 2nd vets (12th overall) in 8:13:14
– ladies team 2nd ladies (19th overall) in 8:45:42
– mixed team 32nd overall in 9:28:20

So we took home the runners-up trophy in all 3 categories.  Each runner in the winning teams took home a trophy but sadly there were no trophies for each runner in the 2nd placed team.

There were also trophies for the fastest pairs on each leg in categories men, ladies and mixed, so 18 awards in total.  We came second in 11 of these categories but sadly there were no trophies for the 2nd placed pairs.

The men recorded their fastest time since 2003 and the ladies their fastest time since 2016.

Vale of York Half

Congratulations to our ladies team of Myra Jones, Rachel Davidson and Sue Sunderland who won the team prize.  Lots of pictures on the VSAC Members FB group.

Northern 6 Stage Road Relays

Congratulations to the Valley Striders men’s team who finished 27th and, as one of the top 25 “A” teams, have qualified for the National Final near Birmingham on 6 October
– John Hobbs 21:22
– David Herdsman 22:32
– Rav Panesar 22:18
– David Song 22:24
– Jonathan Young 22:17
– Daryl Hibberd 23:27

Club Handicap

Congratulations to Alan Hutchinson who won the cup.  A report and full results are in the “News” section of the website.  And there are a number of photos on in the VSAC members FB group.


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