National Cross Country Championships – Harewood

The 2019 English National Cross Country Championships took place yesterday in the familiar surroundings of the Harewood Estate. Striders were well represented throughout a glorious day, not just in the races but in setting up, marshalling and tidying up afterwards – big thanks to all involved!

Women’s Race – 8.2 km

The women’s team came in 40th overall. Individual results are shown below.

164Myra Jones00:34:38
303Rachel Bentley00:37:04
427Amanda Spencer00:39:11
453Stephanie Gledhill00:39:32
469Samantha Harris00:39:44
496Elizabeth Adams00:40:15
507Sarah Mann00:40:33
527Jenny Hall00:40:51
624Carole Schofield00:42:28
810Ruth Warren00:46:23
885Pascale Fotherby00:48:32
954Sara Dyer00:52:05
1018Leila Kara01:00:04
1019Emma Wallace01:00:15

Men’s Race – 11.7 km

The men’s team finished 38th based on 6 scoring and 26th based on 9 scoring.

148Matthew Hallam00:40:45
422Daryl Hibberd00:43:57
438Jon Pownall00:44:09
516Tom Venning00:45:04
519Matt Chadwick00:45:07
643Huw Lippiatt00:46:19
767Gary Mann00:47:23
807Paul Fotherby00:47:49
811Benjamin Hall00:47:51
923Simon Vallance00:48:55
996James Tarran00:49:31
1167Paul Smith00:51:12
1353Mark Farrell00:53:15
1482Sean Cook00:54:45
1497Matt Carter00:55:00
1353Mark Farrell00:53:15
1394Richard Balshaw00:53:44
1482Sean Cook00:54:45
1497Matt Carter00:55:00
1642Ken Fox00:57:20
1729Sam Davison00:58:52
1808Steve Dixon01:00:52
1842Paul White01:02:06
1867Leroy Sutton01:03:07
1948Bob Jackson01:08:17

Full results including all junior races can be found here.

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