Juniors Training from Home 2021

Training from home 20th to 28th March

replaced by (but still counts for appearance medals)

Run for your club in the Leeds Junior Clubs Virtual Race

We won both the primary school age group and secondary school age group in the previous race in February.  Can we retain both of our titles?

Run for the same number of minutes as your age and record the distance run, then post your result as a reply to this Facebook post or email [email protected].

Run any date between 20th to 28th March (and have more than one attempt if you want).


  • Choose a safe route
  • Your route must not be predominantly downhill.
  • You must report your total elapsed time not your moving time.
  • If you run over your allotted time, just send in your result with the distance you ran and your total time.

For full details, see https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/virtual-events-for-junior-clubs-2020-2021/

For tips on timing, see https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/bobs-easy-guide-to-strava-for-valley-striders-juniors/

If you’ve any questions, reply to this Facebook post or email [email protected].  Make sure you send in your result by Sunday 28th at 6pm.

Run safely and good luck!

Trophies for winning VS teams

Saturday 13th to Friday 19th March

It’s a gentle week this week (13th to 19th) in preparation for next week’s Leeds Junior Clubs virtual race race (20th to 28th), so ANY run of at least the same number of minutes as your age will count towards your attendance medals this week.  Please post details of your run as a reply to this Facebook discussion.

If, in your races, you have difficulty starting your watch and accelerating immediately or have difficulty stopping your run and pressing finish/save on your watch immediately, please take a look at the Easy Guide for Strava https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/bobs-easy-guide-to-strava-for-valley-striders-juniors/ which has a new Section 6 explaining how you can run a bit further/longer and then crop you run.  You might want to test this out this coming week.

Here’s the information about our normal “Training From Home” sessions – these do not apply for 20-28 March

  • There are some options. Whichever one you choose, do a 5 minute warm-up before the main activity and a 2 minute stretch/cooldown after it.
  • School years 1 to 6, choose from (a) 8 minutes of hill reps, speedy uphill and slow jog downhill (b) 10 minute even-paced hard run (junior parkrun speed and effort) (c) 15 minute session round a football pitch or similar sized rectangle, doing sprints along the short sides and steady jogging along the long sides.
  • School years 7 to 12 (a) 12 minutes of hill reps (b) 15 minute even-paced hard run (c) 25 minute session round a rectangle as above.
  • Your run will count towards your 25/50/100 attendance medals, so, after you’ve done your run, please reply with some details of your run and/or your GPS track (Strava or similar).
  • Just to clarify, it would be nice if emailed a Strava trace, but if you don’t have technology, just give a description e.g. “jogged from home with mum to Oakwood Clock (5 minutes) and did the football pitch reps (15 mins) round the first football pitch on Soldiers Fields – hard work because a bit hilly and very wet”.
  • NB you can do your “Training From Home” session any time between Saturday and Wednesday, whenever suits you.
  • NB “Training From Home” sessions are open to all junior members aged under 18, and to all prospective members (i.e. those on our waiting list)

Tuesday Training Sessions are cancelled till further notice. For information about our Covid-secure sessions that we ran from June to December 2020, see