World Athletics 1 Mile Races at GSAL 7 May 2024

GSAL athletics track map 1 mile races

Instead of the planned training session at Leos we will be holding a series of mile races at GSAL as part of the event being organised by “World Athletics” to celebrate 70 years since the first sub 4-minute mile.

(thank you Jane Rollings for spotting this)

NB Bookings for May are now open, click on

Please note later start time as GSAL is back in term time.


Please note: You MUST accompany your child(ren) to the athletics field. You MUST NOT let them run ahead.

I put a survey on Facebook earlier this week and had an overwhelmingly positive response (39 of 44 replies said they would definitely come or probably come) and no-one said their school was putting on a mile run.

GSAL have agreed to swap dates (14 May will be at Leos).

I would like people to book on to this so that I have numbers for each race. So there will be a post on Facebook too – I will try to tag everyone that has been to at least 3 training sessions this year but as mentioned earlier, I have had problems tagging. Please look out for this if you don’t get a tag.

My plan is to have 6 races – y1-4 girls, y1-4 boys, y5-6 girls, y5-6 boys, y7-11 girls, y7-11 boys, each with between 12 and 18 runners. The first race would be 6:20pm start, so the yr 1-4 girls would need to be on site at 6pm latest to check in and then have a warm-up.

(normal meeting
Warm up
(meet group leader
at high jump area,
far end of track)
Race start
Y1-4 girls6:00-6:106:10-6:186:20
Y1-4 boys6:10-6:256:25-6:336:35
Y5-6 girls6:25-6:406:40-6:486:50
Y5-6 boys6:35-6:506:50-6:587:00
Y7-11 girls6:45-7:007:00-7:087:10
Y7-11 boys6:55-7:107:10-7:187:20
  • 2 parents on registration
  • a parent for each of the 6 groups to lead warm-ups, get the group to the start and help keep order at the finish
    • yr 1-4 girls – Lora Forster
    • yr 1-4 boys – Nicola Walmsley
    • yr 5-6 girls – TBA
    • yr 5-6 boys – Tom Venning
    • yr 7-11 girls – TBA
    • yr 7-11 boys – TBA
  • starter
  • timekeeper (using parkrun app)
  • someone to write down finishers numbers in order – Ian Richards
  • someone else at the finish just in case
  • someone at the beginning of the home straight to separate those on their 4th lap to head towards the outside to the finish from those who have been lapped to stay on the inside to go another lap.

On Tuesday, if you need to cancel, please text 07775 898 558 (don’t use any other method, not email, not gmail, not Facebook, not Messenger, not Whatsapp).