Booking Junior Training Sessions

Booking for 7/14/21/28 May now available

Includes World Athletics Mile Day to celebrate 70 years since the first sub 4 minute mile – we will hold mile races on the track at GSAL on Tuesday 7 May

In general, sessions will now alternate between Leos and GSAL (with a few exceptions to this rule) till early September, some of these exceptions are in May!

Please book by Sunday 5 May 10pm

Popular times

We are normally able to have 5 groups at each of the 3 timeslots at Leos and 4 groups at each of the 2 timeslots at GSAL plus an extra group at the earlier timeslot at GSAL. The most popular times are expected to be Leos at 5:30pm, Leos at 6:15pm if the “C” group are also training there, the earlier group at GSAL for all weeks and the later group at GSAL in term time.

We will have an absolute maximum of 12 children in each group but would prefer to have no more than 10 because 10 is significantly less stressful than 12 for the parents leading the groups. If we get more demand than the maximum for any particular timeslot we will offer an alternative to those not “selected”. If you are able to be flexible regarding the timeslots you can come to, please indicate in the survey (you are likely to be in a smaller group if you don’t choose the popular times).

For information about sessions

If you haven’t yet filled in this survey and you want to attend on a particular Tuesday, you must have filled in the survey by 10pm the previous Thursday.

  • confirm your week’s booking by Tuesday 2pm otherwise you are at risk of losing your place
  • if you wish to cancel, do so by Tuesday 2pm otherwise you are at risk of losing your place next week.
  • 7 May at GSAL – 1 mile races to celebrate 70 years since first sub 4 minute mile
  • 14 May at Leos but Richard & Alex’s group will be at Beckett Park
  • 21 May all at Leos (Richard and Alex’s group TBC)
  • 28 May at GSAL (5:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:30) but Richard & Alex’s group and Nicola’s group will both be at Bodington / Brownlee Centre at 6pm

I am restricted to a maximum of 10 responses per survey (saving the club £192 annual fees for Surveymonkey).