V S Update 19th May 2019

V S Update – 19 May 2019

– Meanwood Trail Junior Races
– – entry information
– – marshals instructions
– – a bit more help required
– Results from Leeds Half Marathon (please check!)

Meanwood Trail Junior Races – Tuesday 21 May (organised by V S)

We now have 135 entries which is 15 more than last year.

For competitors

If you’re interested in running, please go to https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/meanwood-junior-races-2019/

There is then a link to the Racebest website to enter

Note that fully paid up Valley Striders Junior Members should use discount code “VSJ” to get the race for free.

This event is open to juniors on the waiting list, please enter and pay the £3 entry fee. 

Richard and Bob will be available during the evening to talk to prospective junior members and their parents.

Online entries close 12 noon Monday.

Entries will be available on the night at £3 extra.

Marshals instructions

If you’ve volunteered to marshal please see www.valleystriders.org.uk/archive/vsmarshals.htm  to see what team you’ve been allocated to.

– Car parkers should arrive by 5:15pm and report to Paul Furness outside the clubhouse

– Entries and results team should arrive by 5:30pm latest and report to Tom Button / Bob Jackson inside the clubhouse

– Finish line team should arrive by 6:10pm and report to Andy Wicks on the finish line

– Marshals on points 1 to 10 should arrive by 6:05pm and report to Richard Irvine & Karl Robottom by the tall V S flag which will be on the rugby field (if you’re going to be late please TEXT Richard on 07804-169-797)

– Marshals on points 11 to 23 should arrive by 6:25pm and report to Richard & Karl by the tall V S flag

– Important note that if you have children running you must arrive earlier than these times and collect their race numbers before checking in with your team leader.

All instructions will be given by your team leaders, no need to do anything else in advance, but maybe helpful if marshals look at the course map

Just a few more helpers on the night needed

We’re looking for 2 or 3 more marshals in the woods to ensure that every marshal has line-of-sight to the next.

We also need a tail runner/jogger for every race (could be one person to do all 4 races).

Please email [email protected] if you can help

Training Sessions

These are now listed on the new website www.valleystriders.org.uk, click on Events and then select “Training” or the specific training group you’re interested in

NB the 6pm and 7pm adults sessions on 21 May are both in Roundhay PArk

Grand Prix 2019

These are now listed on the new website www.valleystriders.org.uk, click on Events and then select “Grand Prix”


Leeds Half Marathon

Ken Fox has been very busy, downloading the PDF of full results from the Run For All website, using the PDF->Excel convertor, then doing lots of fiddling with the columns because the PDF file hasn’t been designed to be able to convert the columns, then matching to the current membership list, and this is what he’s come up with

Chip-Pos Chip-Time Name Class Class-Pos

7 01:14:18 John Hobbs M40 1
8 01:14:26 David Herdsman M40 2
9 01:14:29 Matthew Hallam M 5
13 01:15:39 Jonathan Ball M40 3
14 01:15:49 Rav Panesar M35 2
29 01:18:32 Huw Lippiatt M45 2
40 01:20:33 Daryl Hibberd M 26
55 01:21:36 Gwilym Thomas M40 6
99 01:25:37 Ian Sanderson M45 9
180 01:28:47 Mark Farrell M35 28
198 01:29:28 Rachel Davidson F 6
251 01:31:18 Richard Knell-Moore M40 22
381 01:34:21 Roy Huggins M55 8
424 01:35:15 Ken Fox M60 2
483 01:36:25 Ronan Loftus M 210
663 01:39:20 Steph Gledhill F40 5
692 01:39:51 Sarah Mann F35 6
759 01:40:51 Iain Currie M50 37
772 01:41:03 Sue Sunderland F55 1
806 01:41:28 Sam Davison M 331
938 01:42:57 Aileen Loftus F 114
1008 01:43:42 Philippa Trevorrow F40 8
1010 01:43:43 Leroy Sutton M60 5
1404 01:47:46 Chris Sawyer M60 10
1899 01:52:34 Suzanne Shenderey F40 51
1956 01:53:02 Anna Milburn F40 25
2287 01:55:59 Bob Jackson M65 6
2308 01:56:06 Zoe Knell-Moore F40 29
2365 01:56:41 Eamon O’Brien M45 233
3275 02:05:27 Vicki Johnstone F45 77
3449 02:07:26 Pascale Fotherby F40 105
3763 02:10:37 Lisa Jones F45 104
3947 02:12:45 Rachel Waters F 332
4432 02:19:06 Louise Jennings F45 180
4536 02:20:37 Paul Mackreth M40 396

Please email [email protected] if your result is missing

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