Juniors Training at Leos 2021

last updated 31 December 2021

For 2022, see https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/juniors-training-at-leos-2022/


  • I will publish groups and names (based on survey responses) by Friday 11:59pm (but hopefully by Friday noon)
  • If you want a place you must confirm (via Facebook) by Monday 8pm (but preferably by Sunday 10pm, PLEASE)
  • If you haven’t confirmed by 8pm Monday and the session is overbooked you will lose your place to a reserve
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but then need to cancel you can do so up to Monday 8pm with no penalty
  • I will publish the “final” list of groups and names late Monday evening
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but cancel after Monday 8pm you will have a lower priority for booking for the following week i.e. if your session is overbooked you won’t get a place, but if a place then becomes free you will get it (although it may not be your preferred group)
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but cancel less than 30 minutes before the start of your session (or you just don’t turn up), you won’t get a place for the following week.
  • Cancellations after Tuesday 1pm should be by text to my mobile 07775898558. Please not use Whatsapp, Facebook, email, Messenger, semaphore or carrier pigeon to cancel after Tuesday 1pm.
  • If for any reason we have to cancel or rearrange the session, we will publish on the website and in the Facebook Group before Tuesday 4pm.

Information about the training sessions

Although we are now free of CoVid regulations, we still have a duty of care, this is why we are continuing with small(ish) groups and asking for everyone to take care.

From 25 May, in summary:

  • attendance at sessions continues to be strictly by invitation only
  • we will be continuing with 3 timeslots – 4:45, 5:30, 6:15
  • we will have a maximum of 4 groups at each time slot
  • we are aiming to have 10 juniors per group, with a maximum of 12 in any group
  • there will be a leader and assistant for each group
  • we will have 4 activities and rotate the 4 groups round the 4 activities.
  • the “surveys” to book for blocks of 4 weeks will continue
  • the process for publishing the list of attendees and confirmation of attendance will continue
  • the rules for cancellation will continue (we need notification of non-attendance so we can rebalance the groups if necessary)
  • we have now had the last of the sessions at GSAL this summer. Every week will now be at Leos until late March 2022

Note that paragraphs in red are our Coronavirus rules and good practice


This page contains the names of the junior members selected to attend each session and shows the group that they have been allocated to on that date and time.

Please email comments to [email protected]


All our sessions comply with current restrictions and recommendations.

For your information, here is the latest England Athletics guidance regarding training

We are not restricted to 30 athletes, nor to any maximum group size, but by keeping groups apart we are minimising the spread/impact if one of our athletes gets CoVid.

Our spectators must conform to the current rules for social distancing.


Leos training map from 25 May 2021

Leaders (selected from a list of parents who have volunteered for this role) will be allocated to each group. NEW FROM MAY 2021 we will also allocate an assistant leader to each group. Other parents should watch from the sidelines at least 5 metres from all activities.

Leaders and assistant leaders should arrive early at the meeting point for their group.

Parents should take their children to their meeting point but (unless a leader) should then immediately leave their children.

Parents can go to the viewing area at the end of the new path from the car park.

When the leader has all their junior runners, they should take their group to the first activity area and do warm-ups in this area (not using other areas of the rugby pitch or cricket pitch). NB for later sessions the leader must check that their activity area is clear of the earlier session runners before taking the group across.

Note to all leaders: Rather than handing you out a pack with a sheet for each activity (and it gradually getting wetter as the session progresses), instead I’ll put an information sheet for each activity at the start of each activity. (but I will have some packs if you require one)

Everyone should socially distance at the meeting point and in the activity areas. Children will be told how this works for each activity before starting each activity.

No-one should touch any equipment – Bob and Paul will be solely responsible for this including collecting the equipment after the session. Anyone who touches equipment should wash their hands and/or use the sanitizer provided.

Bob, Paul and Richard will co-ordinate the session, allowing 13 minutes for the first activity (to include warm-up), 8 minutes for the middle two and 11 minutes for the last one (to include cool down). (this is based on 4 activities)

All parents must remain on or by the rugby pitch while the sessions are going on. This is because the leaders and assistants are not allowed to come within 2 metres of any child (other than their own). So if contact is needed, be it to attend to an injury or to tie shoelaces, the parent must do this.

N.B. Toilets won’t be open. If they are open and you use them, you must notify Bob or Richard so you are included in the Track & Trace sent in by Leos


The normal activities (and the activity area used) are listed below. They are all slightly modified versions of activities that we’ve done in the past in normal times. 

  1. One of the following relays NB Sadly the square non-contact relays are not suitable for larger groups, but as of 20 July we can add a new variety
    1. V S Linear relays
    2. V S “Adel or Alwoodley” relays
    3. Circles (the link shows the CoVid version, I will explain the differences) https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/CoVid-Circles.png
  2. One of the following depending on light and ground conditions
    1. Timed 200 metre sprints
    2. Eleanor’s (continuous) hills (between cricket and rugby pitch)
    3. “Next!” (details to follow)
  3. Emma’s hills (sprint up, walk down)
  4. One of the following dependent on light and weather conditions
    1. Bob’s pentathlon
    2. Lap(s) of top field (north side of bridle path). NB we will have an extra assistant for this
    3. V S Linear Relays

For each session, Group 1 will start with Activity 1 and then do each activity in turn, Group 2 start with Activity 2 etc.

Every group will have done every activity, 8 minutes on each, by the end of the session.


The group leaders will be responsible for the assembly, warm-up, all four activities and cool down for the 6 children that are allocated to them 

The group leaders will also be responsible for two rules specific to CoVid – that social distancing is adhered to and that none of the group (including themselves) touch any stakes or any other equipment

Group leaders should have read the activity diagrams prior to coming to familiarise themselves with the arrangements for each activity.


The assistant will support the leader as needed (an extra pair of eyes), also

  • On Eleanor’s Hills (the hills from the Cricket Pitch), stand near the third Up (this is just before the last floodlight post), watch that the children go round all posts (this ensures they go straight up and down the hills), watch that they go round all posts at the end so that the return route is well away from outbound, ask any interlopers (e.g. dog-walkers) to walk down the line of cones that marks the boundaries (not down the middle of the activity as one did at a previous session)
  • On 200 Metre Sprints, one parent at the far end to warn about slipping and ensure <!– wp:paragraph {“textColortakes at the far end; the other parent to do timekeeping for the sprints
  • On the Pentathlon, stand towards the top of the backwards running section to ensure the children head in the right direction and run safely; also observe the dips and sideways running
  • Also generally give encouragement!


It is essential that all parents are quickly accessible in case of need by their child, be it to help tie their shoelace, dress a cut or respond to a major injury. We do not have someone who has been delegated the responsibility as CoVid first aid (with full PPE) – we feel it unfair to ask the volunteer leader to do this when whatevgh we are now free of CoVid regue child’s parent.

Other parents must watch from the sidelines. Please observe as we may call on you for help in future weeks! In bad weather, parents may sit in their cars but if so must be in the west car park (between the club house and the rugby field), not in the main car park.

GPS track of Training Session on 3 December by Abs Kingston

GPS track of Training Session on 3 December by Abs Kingston
GPS track of Training Session on 3 December by Abs Kingston


The link for the names for the next session is now at the top of this page

The link for the survey to book sessions is now very near the top of this page