Juniors run round Roundhay Lake 28/12/21

Photo from run on 27 December 2019

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It’s likely to be wet and the paths quite muddy, please wear appropriate clothes and running shoes (not the bright white trainers you got for Christmas)

Meet at 10a.m. at the edge of the car park near the Lakeside Cafe (look for the Valley Striders banner!)

We’ll divide up into between 2 and 4 groups depending on … how many turn up, how many leaders we have, etc.

The main route is marked in pink/red on the map and is 1.9 miles (3.1km).

Fastest group will set off first, slowest group last, so the groups don’t get mixed up.

The map shows a number of re-grouping points. These are for the members of a group to re-group, not for all the groups to merge together.

The route therefore consists of sections between re-grouping points. At the start of each section the group leader will decide whether the section will be a steady jog or a run to the next re-grouping point. The major factor deciding this is likely to be how many people and dogs are walking on the section.

The very youngest runners and their parents may choose to take the shortest (and also flattest) route back along the edge of the lake (orange dotted line)

For all other groups, there are a couple of sections whether there is an easy option (in yellow) or a harder option (in pink); leaders and runners can choose which option to take (and may wish to split for the short distance).

For the fastest group, extra distance can be added towards the end e.g. the orange dotted line that passes near the Mansion.

When we all get back, we’ll be doing Valley Striders patented relays “Mansion or Lake”.