Juniors Membership and Training Update 19 July 2020

Hello to all junior members of Valley Striders

Firstly to remind you that all club memberships have been extended, at no extra cost to you, to 31 December 2020.

If you weren’t aware of this and weren’t planning to come to sessions in July and August, you may have been considering resigning your membership – no need to do this – see how things go during late summer and autumn – your place will be kept open unless you specifically notify us of your resignation.

Secondly, now that we’ve completed our 3 weeks of pilot sessions, everyone who is a current junior member is now entitled to come to our training sessions at Leos.  But attendance is by invitation only.

All members who would like to attend a session on 28 July and/or 4 August and/or 11 August please read https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/junior-sessions-at-leos-summer-2020-rules-dates-sessions-groups-names/ . This explains the changes that we have had to do to comply with social distancing and cleanliness of equipment, and what you need to do when you come.

At the bottom of the website page is a questionnaire/survey which lets you state which of the 3 dates you are free and your preferred session time (5:30pm or 6:15pm).

Everyone, whether or not they’ve been to a pilot session, should fill in the survey, and if one of your preferred dates is 28 July, you must fill in by Wednesday 22 July.

Everyone who applies will get at least one of these dates, most will get two.

Finally to report that we’ve also been engaging in some weekend activities.  The most recent was a virtual race against 7 other junior clubs in Leeds, where we finished 4th in both age groups, see http://www.leedsathletics.net/Junior_Clubs_Virtual_Races.htm .  This weekend we’ve been doing Strava Art with our training runs and we now have over 20 works of art hanging on the walls of our gallery on the website (you can find this via the “news” page mentioned in the next paragraph). We still have space for more exhibits, please post on Facebook or email to [email protected]

Most of you will be aware of all of the above from Facebook and/or looking at the website but there may be some of you who don’t do either.  If you don’t do Facebook then please sign on to the website and look at the news page https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/news/ every few days for updates.

Hope to see you soon

Bob and Richard