Junior membership renewals, rates and discounts January 2023

At the club AGM in November I presented a report on the juniors section https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/juniors-report-for-agm-2022/

Included in this was the proposal for membership fees for 2023.

Membership fees for juniors for the year 1 January to 31 December 2023 will be:

  • Junior full membership (weekly training) £40 (no change)
  • Junior limited training (10 sessions or fewer) £20 (no change). It is permissible for parents to choose this at the beginning of the year and then pay an extra £20 if/when their child has come to 10 sessions to convert to full membership.
  • Juniors school year 1 and younger will also be charged £20 but with no limit on sessions – there are no races accepting this age group in the first half of the year and we offer training sessions to them when spaces permit and when ground conditions are suitable, hence the reduced rate.
  • Junior social membership (no training, no competition other than parkrun) £5 (no change)

Note that any juniors who compete in West Yorkshire League and higher competition for which England Athletics affiliation is needed will need pay an additional £19 to cover the EA and Northern Athletics affiliation fees. This is not required until entering their first event .

Note that older juniors who don’t come to junior training sessions may find it cheaper to join as “Young Adults”, please email to [email protected] for information.

Some good news – nearly all of you are entitled to some discounts on the above fees. The next 4 paragraphs explain how these discounts have been calculated, but you can skip these and just look at the table to see if you are entitled to any!

Between 2017 and 2019 we had included in the membership fee the entry fees to selected local races as an incentive to try these / take part. The races included in the scheme were all local and all suitable for all abilities. Unfortunately, the scheme fell apart in March 2020 when all races were cancelled and we felt obliged to return the value of these entry fees when members renewed for 2021.

We still want to continue this type of incentive but have now decided to do this retrospectively if profits from the previous year allow us to do so. The method will be a discount on the following year’s membership fees. We did this for 2022 and will do so again for 2023.

In 2021/22 the junior section made a profit of £836 so we do have the funds to do it this year. The races selected are the four Peco Races (£1.50 per race for the races in January, February, November and December 2022) and the Eccup Junior Races in June 2022 (£4). Note also that entry fees for the Peco Relays 2022 and Golden Acre Relay 2022 were paid by the club at time of entry, so those members who took part in all 7 will have had “free” entries worth £15.

We are also giving a further discount based on a rebate on last year’s membership. If you paid £40 last year you’ll get a rebate of £4, if you paid between £30 and £39 last year you’ll get a rebate of £3, if you paid between £20 and £29 last year you’ll get a rebate of £2, if you paid between £10 and £19 last year you’ll get a rebate of £1.

Please see the table at the foot of this page to find out how much discount/rebate you are entitled to.

For example, if you were a Junior Full Member last year (and paid £40) and are going to renew as a Junior Full Member (£40) and ran Eccup and two Pecos in 2022 you’ll get a membership rebate of £4 and race rebates of £7, so you’ll need to pay £29.

Membership fees are now due.

  • for full membership, please pay £40 less any discounts
  • for limited membership, please pay £20 less any discounts
  • for social membership, please pay £5 (no discounts)

Pay to “VSAC Membership” Account number 72143878 Sort code 53-70-00. Please put your name in the reference. (Note that if your bank performs payee name checks, then the account name above may come up as “VALLEY STRIDERS ATHLETICS CLUB”.)

You can check your 2022 membership status here https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/members-area/club-information/membership-list/ see column “AC22”.

If you wish to resign from the club or discuss your situation, then please email [email protected]

Thank you!

Junior membership discounts January 2023

This shows the fee to pay if you are renewing as a Junior Full Member.
If you are renewing as a Junior Limited Training Member, then subtract £20.
If you are renewing as a Junior Social Member there are no discounts
NameTO PAY (if full member)TOTAL DISCOUNTMemb. rebate 2022Peco Jan 2022 £1.50Peco Feb 2022 £1.50Eccup June 2022 £4Peco Nov 2022 £1.50Peco Dec 2022 £1.50
Lucy Adcock38.002.002.00
Alfie Ball31.508.504.001.501.501.50
Grace Ball33.
Indi Banerjee27.5012.504.001.501.504.001.50
Eve Barton33.
William Barton34.505.504.001.50
Bertie Bell27.5012.504.001.501.504.001.50
Florence Bell34.505.504.001.50
Jasper Bennett38.501.501.50
Jenson Bennett36.
Alfie Berke38.002.002.00
Freddie Berke38.002.002.00
Alice Bonner36.004.004.00
Milly Booth38.002.002.00
Abigail Bottomley29.0011.004.001.504.001.50
Adam Bradley33.
Ezra Bradley39.001.001.00
Evie Brown32.507.502.004.001.50
Kirsten Brown34.505.504.001.50
Gabriel Burns34.505.504.001.50
Imogen Burton26.0014.004.001.501.504.001.501.50
Conor Butterworth27.5012.504.001.504.001.501.50
Isla Butterworth27.5012.504.001.504.001.501.50
Joel Caleb39.001.001.00
William Caleb39.001.001.00
Gus Cawcutt36.004.004.00
Athena Cooper38.501.501.50
Erin Davies36.004.004.00
Chloe Deak34.505.504.001.50
Emmy Deverill27.5012.504.001.504.001.501.50
Thomas Deverill29.5010.502.001.504.001.501.50
Heidi Earl38.002.002.00
Hugo Earl38.002.002.00
Daniel Fotherby38.002.002.00
Michael Fotherby38.002.002.00
Leo Freer37.003.001.501.50
Benjamin Gostling30.509.504.001.504.00
James Gostling30.509.504.001.504.00
Abby Greenwood38.002.002.00
Chloe Greenwood38.002.002.00
Thomas Grosvenor38.002.002.00
Caitlyn Hartley30.509.504.004.001.50
Jorgie Hartley38.002.002.00
Reuben Herbert36.004.004.00
Lola Hill39.001.001.00
Alice Hirst-Sewell33.
Harriet Hirst-Sewell35.
Franka Hostert38.002.002.00
Lotte Hostert39.001.001.00
Freya Hunter30.509.504.001.504.00
Lars Hunter30.509.504.001.504.00
Kate Irvine38.002.002.00
Ella Jobson34.505.504.001.50
Fin Jones36.503.502.001.50
Freddie Jones34.505.504.001.50
Jacob Jones34.505.504.001.50
Caleb Keene39.001.001.00
Samuel Keene38.002.002.00
Abigail Kingston38.002.002.00
Rebecca Kingston35.
Annabel Lim36.503.502.001.50
Ella Lim38.002.002.00
Felix Linley36.004.004.00
Sophie Lovell38.002.002.00
Oliver Lubiecki29.0011.004.001.501.504.00
Austin Lyons36.004.004.00
Eaden Lyons27.5012.504.001.501.504.001.50
Owen Maghaireh36.004.004.00
Rose Marshall-Brown38.002.002.00
Theo Marshall-Brown38.002.002.00
Maiya Mckay38.002.002.00
Zara Mckay36.004.004.00
Edward Nabozny32.
George Nancolas34.
Harry Ndawula30.0010.
Clem Pailor36.004.004.00
Søren Pailor27.5012.504.001.504.001.501.50
Emily Parbutt37.003.001.501.50
Harry Pick31.508.504.001.501.501.50
George Redmond35.
Sam Redmond35.
Ewan Reid31.508.504.001.501.501.50
Kirsten Reid36.004.004.00
Zak Reisman36.004.004.00
Ruby Richardson36.004.004.00
Frankie Riley36.004.004.00
Dillon Rollings35.504.503.001.50
Henry Rollings29.0011.
Jess Rollings32.
Ralph Rudkin38.002.002.00
Tess Rudkin38.002.002.00
Isaac Rugg33.
Ella Shanks36.
Lucy Sheen34.505.504.001.50
Thomas Sheen36.004.004.00
Charlie Smith37.502.501.001.50
Jamie Smith38.002.002.00
Reggie Smith36.503.502.001.50
Lucy Stamer37.502.501.001.50
Jonah Steere36.503.502.001.50
Seth Steere26.0014.004.001.501.504.001.501.50
Solomon Steere26.0014.004.001.501.504.001.501.50
Keira Sykes29.0011.004.001.501.504.00
Anna Taylor36.004.004.00
Elsie Taylor36.004.004.00
Sam Taylor38.002.002.00
Simeon Tedd38.002.002.00
Bea Traviss-Turner33.
Edgar Traviss-Turner34.505.504.001.50
Joseph Urquhart33.
Arthur Venning26.0014.004.001.501.504.001.501.50
Mary Venning26.0014.004.001.501.504.001.501.50
James Walker35.
Lucy Walker31.
Amelie Wallace38.002.002.00
Dora Walmsley36.503.502.001.50
Matilda Walsh34.505.504.001.50
Natalie Ward31.508.504.001.501.501.50
Seb Watson33.
Isabelle Watt36.
Maddie White34.505.504.001.50
Joseph Whitehouse29.0011.004.001.504.001.50
Sammy Whitehouse27.5012.504.001.504.001.501.50
Emily Whittle38.002.002.00
James Whittle36.004.004.00
Ruby Wilson36.
Levi Woodger37.003.001.501.50
Ezzie Yansaneh36.503.502.001.50
Zeekie Yansaneh38.002.002.00