Xmas Run Wed 28 December 2022

Photos from Gary Watt, Clare Redmond and Jane Rollings

Arrangements for Junior Groups 2022

Meet 10:10am by Lakeside Cafe.

Come a few minutes earlier if you’re wanting to use the toilets before your run.

Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes – it may rain and some of the footpaths are a bit muddy.

Please sign in if you want your run to count towards your 25/50/100 medal.

Presentation of awards at 10:15.

Split into groups:

  1. Main group (middle speed) will do the marked route 3.4km with group photo at D
  2. Slower/younger group will do the marked route to D (and a group photo), then either continue along the lakeside path to J or will go sharp uphill to H and then back to J (both 2.7km, one flat, one hilly)
  3. Faster older group will do the marked route to G, then either a lap of the junior parkrun route or some hill reps from the arena up to the Mansion

Everyone comes back to J for Valley Striders Relays “Cafe or Lake”.

If numbers are smallish we will keep groups 1 and 2 together until point D.

All groups / all runners should follow the instructions of the leaders, including

  • keep on the RIGHT hand side of the path (i.e. away from the edge of the lake)
  • slow down for puddles
  • slow down or stop for dogs
  • slow down or stop for groups of walkers, particularly groups with young children and/or prams
  • take care when passing fishermen (their rods may obstruct part of the path)
  • don’t annoy swans
  • (these last two added as a result of my “risk assessment” this morning)

Group 1 and 2 will be doing a “lifebelt” run round the lakeside. At each lifebelt we’ll stop and regroup. The leader will then decide whether the path to the next lifebelt with be a jog or a run (depending on the width of the path and “traffic”). If it’s a run then a leader will try to keep ahead of the children! When the children reach the next lifebelt, they should turn round and jog back to the rest of the group.

Please could as many parents as possible run – even if not in the same group as their children.

Please could non-running parents take it in turns to walk up to the field where the relays will be held to ensure that no-one steals the marker posts

Hope to see lots of you there. And to the rest, “Happy New Year” and hopefully see you on 3 January.

NB don’t worry if you’re not on the list, you can still come!