Email to parents 28 April 2024


• Training Sessions and Communication
• 1 mile races
• Events and closing dates
• Results

Please do not reply to this email nor store this email address in your address book as this email address is only used for outbound bulk emails, instead reply to Facebook posts or email [email protected] .

Training 30 April at GSAL … and communication

I’ve posted the “Names for 30 April” on the website and I’ve posted on Facebook as usual for you to confirm but I’ve had problems tagging some of you (I don’t know why and I can’t see a reason why it worked for some names but not others).

If you’ve booked to come on 30 April, please see the Facebook post and reply.

If you’re not on Facebook, please look on the Valley Striders website , click on “News” and you’ll find the “Names for 30 April” post as one of the top posts on this page. Please email to confirm.

Training 7 May – 1 mile races at GSAL

I am proposing that instead of the normal training session at Leos we hold a series of mile races at GSAL as part of the event being organised by “World Athletics” to celebrate 70 years since the first sub 4-minute mile.

(thank you Jane Rollings for spotting this)

My plan is to have 6 races – y1-4 girls, y1-4 boys, y5-6 girls, y5-6 boys, y7-11 girls, y7-11 boys, each with between 12 and 18 runners. The first race would be 6:10pm start, so the y1-4 girls would need to be on site at 6pm latest for a warm-up.

I’ve put a survey on Facebook and have had an overwhelming positive response, so I just need to get approval from GSAL to change the booking date. I don’t expect a problem, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

I’ll then put a post on the website with more information.

I would like people to book on to this so that I have numbers for each race. So there will be a post on Facebook too – I will try to tag everyone that has been to at least 3 training sessions this year but as
mentioned earlier, I have had problems tagging. Please look out for this if you don’t get a tag.

Training for rest of May

I’ll create booking forms later this week.

Track and Field Meetings – next events and closing dates

There is a well organised meeting at York on Monday 6 May which is suitable for those who are enjoying our track & field training sessions. In a similar meeting at York two weeks ago, 5 of our junior members – Niamh Archbold, Indi Banerjee, Isla Butterworth, Esme Clark, Isabelle Watt – took part. Results are included in our “Events for Juniors Spring/Summer” web page, see link below. Minimum age is school year 4. Closing date is Monday 29 April. Note that this meeting is track events only.

The second meeting of the West Yorkshire League will be on Wednesday 8 May at Cleckheaton. In the first meeting last weekend 4 of our members – Tilly O’Brien, Niamh Archbold, Esme Clark, Matilda Dark – took part. Results are included in our “Spring/Summer” web page. Tilly and Matilda both scored points for a top 6 position in an event. There were over 30 girls in both the U11 and U13 categories – it is suitable for anyone enjoying our track & field training. NB minimum age is school year 4. Closing date is Wednesday 1 May.

The Yorkshire Track and Field Championships are at Cudworth on the weekend 11/12 May. Minimum age is school year 6. This is for experienced athletes. Closing date is Monday 29 April.

Details of all of these on

Also see


Joshua Salmon and Harry Richards both competed in the Wakefield Indoor T&F League (3 meetings, February to April) and finished 3rd and 4th in the series (14 U11 boys took part). (see “Spring/Summer” page).

Well done to Harry Richards 1st in Under 11 boys 600 metres race walk in Northampton at England Winter Track Race Walking Championships. (We’re planning to include race walking in one of our training sessions in the summer).

And I’ve updated the Autumn/Winter 2023/24 page with all the cross country results. (there’s a link to it from the Spring/Summer page)