Winter Handicap Results

Handicap 31 Dec 2023 group photo from Kathy Robbins

Well done to everyone who ran the Winter Handicap on New Years Eve. It was good and muddy!

Congratulations to Paul Smith who was first to finish, closely followed by Sarah Mann. The fastest time went to Alfie Jones in 32:44.

Many thanks to everyone who supported with time keeping and marshalling.  And thanks to Kathy Robbins for the photos.

Our next handicap will be in May: look out for details nearer the time.

Winter Handicap Results 31 December 2023

Harewood circular (4.8 miles)
Finish posNameRun TimeGP ptsGun timeRun PosStart time (Handicap)
1Paul Smith0:35:38970:59:0840:23:30
2Sarah Mann0:40:211000:59:21110:19:00
3Tahir Akhtar0:41:39901:00:39120:19:00
4Paul Fotherby0:35:26981:00:4130:25:15
5Richard Irvine0:37:40951:02:1060:24:30
6Vernon Long0:38:28941:02:2870:24:00
7Roy Huggins0:40:19911:02:34100:22:15
8Nicola Parker0:55:00801:02:45210:07:45
9Becca Keevash0:44:53931:02:53150:18:00
10John Wallace0:45:35881:03:05160:17:30
11Richard Adcock0:40:11921:03:1190:23:00
12Paul Grave0:34:05991:03:5020:29:45
13Pascale Fotherby0:49:38831:03:53200:14:15
14Leroy Sutton0:44:01891:04:01140:20:00
15Chris Sawyer0:45:48871:04:03170:18:15
16Vicki Johnstone0:47:19901:04:04180:16:45
17Leila Kara0:47:40871:04:25190:16:45
18Alfie Jones0:32:441001:04:2910:31:45
19Nick Smith0:37:36961:04:5150:27:15
20Steph Gledhill0:42:36971:06:21130:23:45
21James Slater0:39:52931:06:2280:26:30