Washburn Valley Junior Relay (Results)

“I’m sorry to have to inform you that we will not be able to run the junior version of the Washburn Valley Relays this year” was the message that came through from the race organiser about 4 weeks before the race date.  It seemed that the date had been changed and the two usual organisers from Otley AC were both on holiday.

Mark Hetherington of Abbey Runners and Evensplits/Racebest fame phoned me a couple of days later and asked whether Abbey and Valley could organise it together.  I said I didn’t usually go to this event but would pass it on to Richard.

A week later “Washburn Valley Junior Races back on!”.  Richard would be in charge of marshalling, Mark in charge of course set up, race admin and recording.

Teams (or four) required at least one aged 9 or under, another aged 11 or under, another aged 13 or under, and at least one boy and one girl in each team.  Richard managed to recruit 11 runners.

It had been a lovely sunny week but on the day of the race it was grey and drizzly.  Fortunately there were tents for registration (provided by Otley AC and Yorkshire Runner).

Mark and Helen from Abbey and myself walked and marked the route (about 12 arrows and a few bits of tape) and then did registration. There were 14 teams – 5 from Otley, 3 from Valley, 2 each from Bingey and Ilkley and 1 each from Abbey and Skipton.  Richard assembled a team of 8 marshals (2 Valley, 2 Abbey and 4 Otley).  Mark was timekeeper and I was recorder and the race was ready to go.

And then it really started to pour down!

All 11 VS juniors performed brilliantly and it was a thrilling last couple of legs as two of our teams forced their way into the top 3.

Here are the results

PosTeam NameTotal timeRunner 1TimeRunner 2TimeCum. TimeRunner 3TimeCum. TimeRunner 4Time
1Bingley Juniors 132:53Theo Clay (B14)07:41Logan Walker (B11)08:1015:51William Johnson (B9)09:0124:52Rebecca Flaherty (G13)08:01
2Champions of the Valley34:40Jess Guthrie (G9)10:34Rafferty Mirfin (B11)08:1818:52Jamie Walker (B13)07:5626:48Alfie Jones (B13)07:52
3Washburn Valley Striders35:46Alfie Jones (B13)07:59Toby Walker (B11)09:2017:19Natalie Ward (G9)10:1127:30Leon Jones (B12)08:16
4Abbey Aces35:55Freddie Roden (B14)07:33Lexie Cunningham (G10)09:5917:32Thomas Hetherington (B7)09:3627:08Henry Swinson (B11)08:47
5Bingley Juniors 237:45Mia Naylor (G11)09:19Ruby Coulton (G13)09:1418:33Noah (B7)09:5528:28Abby Clay (G10)09:17
6Otley Otters38:21Charlotte Chambers (G11)08:42Oliver Jones (B9)09:4918:31Rosie Barraclough (G12)10:4129:12Charlotte Chambers (G11)09:09
7Skipton Juniors38:57Rowan Box (B11)09:05Rita Box (G9)09:5819:03Seth Box (B8)09:5128:54Jessica Fox (G11)10:03
8Ilkley Harriers 140:32Iris Smith (G8)10:31Martha Dix (G10)12:1922:50Caleb Dix (B12)08:5631:46Archie Budding (B12)08:46
9Otley Ospreys41:28Alice Webster (B13)10:46Bobby Milner (B9)10:4021:26Fin Barraclough (B9)11:1332:39Ned Gallagher-Thompson (B11)08:49
10Ilkley Harriers 241:57Lola Stead (G8)12:26Freddie McCutcheon (B9)10:4423:10Max Stead (B12)10:2133:31Harry Stead (B15)08:26
11Otley Ocelots42:32Agnes Gallagher-Thompson (G8)11:21Bella Barclay (G11)11:2822:49Annie Chambers (G9)10:5633:45Zac Quin (B14)08:47
12Otley Owls43:41Clemmie Quin (G7)12:23Thomas Nailer (B10)09:4522:08Lily Richards (G8)10:4832:56Martha Lake (G9)10:45
13Valley Nabirlims43:51Edward Nabozny (B8)09:27Kate Irvine (G11)12:3922:06Ella Lim (G10)11:2433:30Annabel Lim (G13)10:21
14Otley Ostriches52:08Zac Barclay (B7)10:48Ellie Whittaker (G9)12:2523:13Finn Gallagher-Thompson (B13)17:5341:06Oliver Jones (B9)11:02

P.S. the results explain why one of our runners in the photo is holding two trophies.