Valley Striders Juniors versus Pudsey & Bramley – Virtual Race!

From Richard Irvine

This coming weekend (15-17 May) we’ll be competing against Pudsey & Bramley Juniors in a virtual race. This will take the form of a 15 minute solo time trial – you just need to run as far and fast as you can in 15 minutes, then upload a Strava or similar screenshot for verification (or photo of GPS watch). We’ll use your distances to group you into teams.

There will be 2 age categories based on school year, Year 6 & below and Year 7 & up. This is open to all junior members and it‘s a mixed gender race and girls & boys will all compete as equal so final teams can be mixed.

The race itself will be based on teams consisting of 3 athletes. The results / placings will be based on distance with the top 3 finishers representing Valley Striders A, the next 3 finishers Valley Striders B and so forth. The total distance run by all 3 athletes in a team will represent the final team score & determine the team’s placing in the overall table.

We do have a method to calculate the winning club, but no need to explain it now, just run as fast/ far as you can (and as many of you as possible as EVERYONE WILL COUNT), when we publish the results the scoring system will be obvious.

With regards to your route, there is only one rule. Your route cannot be all or predominantly downhill. Apart from that you can run wherever you want be that road, grass, track or off road. Just make sure you run safely!

The race opens on Friday 15th at 6 a.m. & ‪finishes on Sunday 17th May at 6 p.m.‬ Any distance posted outside of these times will not count. Please post your result on Juniors Facebook Group or email to ‪ [email protected] by ‪midnight Sunday‬. If you only plan to do one run, please post the result when you’ve run, but if you plan to do more, wait till you’ve done the last one and post your best.

NB all runs must be completed within the above dates).

You have all been brilliant during lockdown and it has been great to see you posts ‪on Tuesday evening‬, as well as those on the Valley Striders Juniors Strava page. Hopefully this will give you an opportunity to do something a bit different and almost like normal!

Come on Valley Striders – let’s get back to winning!