Valley Striders Juniors Training (from home) Tuesday 12 May

29 junior Striders “came” to last week’s Tuesday training (from home) session. This was 6 up on our first session the previous week.

Tonight’s training (from home) session will be at the usual time, ideally between 6pm and 7pm but any time between 3pm and 8pm acceptable.

I do have a couple of awards to make before you go on your session. Can we have a big round of applause for Jamie and Toby Walker who both reached 100 sessions last Tuesday. Their medals are in the post!

For tonight’s training:

Either: warm up (jogging, skipping, striding), then a medium paced run for 10-15 minutes (younger runners) / 20-30 minutes older runners, then cool down stretches.

Or: warm up, a very steady run of 15-20 minutes (younger runners) / 30-40 minutes (older runners) interspersed with a few sprints and/or hill efforts, then cool down.

(Take a look at last week’s posts for other ideas!)

Reply to the post in the Juniors Facebook group (or email [email protected]) with a summary of your activity and you’ll be credited with one attendance towards your 25, 50 or 100 medal.

Next weekend I’ll announce if anyone achieved a medal and start another post for 19 May.

Keep running and stay safe!


P.S. 7 juniors and parents joined the Strava group this week, it now has 20 members. Please see the post about Strava in the Juniors Facebook Group or read it on the website

P.P.S. Richard has posted about the V S Juniors vs P & B Juniors virtual race this weekend. This race is open to all V S Juniors and everyone counts for team points. Please see the post in the Juniors Facebook Group or read it on the website