Sports Day Results 13 Sep 2022

GSAL sports day 2022 map

Updated 12 October 2022 to show awards

We’ve had a Sports Day (or to be more precise, a Sports Hour-and-3-minutes) at GSAL

We had 4 events

  • 80m sprint for everyone
  • 400m lap for everyone
  • standing triple jump for school years 3 and above
    • standing long jump for school years 2 and below
  • shot put for school years 5 and above

I’d like to say a big thank you to

  • The event leaders – Steve and Richard on 80m, Richard and Tom on 400m, Paul and Jon on standing triple jump, and Jane on shot put.
  • The 9 group leaders – Gemma, John, Paul, Sophie, Alex, Sarah, Rachel, Jacquie&Claire and Alex
  • The 10 or more event assistants

I’d set a very tight / optimistic schedule with the thought that we’d actually run to Valley Striders Time (i.e. start 5 minutes late) and probably each group/event would overrun by a minute or maybe two – this would mean everything would finish just before it got too dark to see. But the whole meeting ran absolutely to schedule – that was you not me! – thank you.

My final “thank you” is to Paul Furness for the support that he has given to the club during the season doing set-up and then lead for long jump and triple jump at most of the GSAL training sessions. He has also been a field events judge at over 10 track & field meetings that our juniors have attended. This was particularly important for the 7 West Yorkshire League meetings as the League doesn’t allow clubs to take part unless they provide qualified officials.

On the day, we had 81 junior athletes, this was 8 more than last year’s sports day and the third highest attendance at any junior session in the 10 years since the junior group started (the record is 85).

Below are the results – names, times and distances. You can use the little up- and down- arrow buttons to sort the 80m/400m/TJ/Shot columns by overall performance but if you’re sorting the shot distances, note that some athletes were throwing 2Kg, others 3Kg.


Trophies have been awarded for the best overall performances

  • by gender and age group U7/U9/U11/U13/U15 i.e. 10 trophies
  • 3 events for U7/U9, 4 events for U11/U13/U15 (the younger categories didn’t do shot)
  • scoring system – best performance within gender / age group in each event scores 1 point, second best scores 2 points etc.
  • the winners are the athletes in each gender / age group with the least total points

Gold medals have been awarded for everyone who achieved a 1st place in their school year in any event.  Except for trophy winners.

Silver medals have been awarded to everyone else who took part.

Please click the link for full results showing awards

Here are some photos fromWhatsApp, Facebook, email and text.

Athletes in action…

Officials in action…


NB the following table just shows the performances, not the awards.

GroupSch YrAge GrpName80m400mTJShot
BG0-2B0U7BHugo Traviss-Turner0:21.752:15.11.16m
BG0-2B1U7BRex Walmsley0:20.382:10.21.48m
BG0-2B2U7BFin Jones0:16.811:51.91.49m
BG0-2B2U7BKyle Reid0:18.431:57.01.55m
BG0-2B2U7BCharlie Smith0:15.871:37.41.53m
BG0-2B2U7BJonah Steere0:18.062:06.71.32m
B3-4B3U9BCaleb Keene0:16.511:38.63.66m
B3-4B3U9BAustin Lyons0:14.531:34.55.10m
B3-4B4U9BJenson Bennett0:14.301:36.94.29m
B3-4B4U9BThomas Grosvenor0:16.901:40.33.62m
B3-4B4U9BSamuel Keene0:14.101:25.64.45m
B3-4B4U9BGeorge Redmond0:15.831:36.03.62m
B3-4B4U9BHenry Rollings0:14.471:34.53.37m
B3-4B4U9BArthur Venning0:15.641:31.64.60m
B5B5U11BBertie Bell0:13.321:22.94.42m5.68m
B5B5U11BGabriel Burns0:14.561:39.44.08m3.56m
B5B5U11BBenjamin Gostling0:14.021:26.84.62m4.16m
B5B5U11BFreddie Jones0:15.421:36.74.02m4.72m
B5B5U11BOwen Maghaireh0:13.551:37.83.86m4.22m
B5B5U11BIsaac Rugg0:15.251:40.44.30m4.66m
B5B5U11BSeth Steere0:14.021:32.13.41m4.65m
B5B5U11BJames Walker0:13.721:33.93.82m4.73m
B6B6U11BJacob Jones0:13.791:26.05.12m5.93m
B6B6U11BEaden Lyons0:13.161:16.54.28m5.81m
B6B6U11BSøren Pailor0:15.651:25.63.94m3.70m
B6B6U11BHarry Pick0:13.481:24.04.46m5.32m
B6B6U11BEwan Reid0:13.601:18.45.46m5.05m
B6B6U11BDillon Rollings0:14.351:26.95.11m5.49m
B6B6U11BEdgar Traviss-Turner0:14.161:27.54.57m5.09m
B6B6U11BSammy Whitehouse0:12.531:15.14.55m4.52m
B6B6U11BZeekie Yansaneh0:12.751:52.15.88m7.39m
B7-8B7U13BAlfie Ball0:13.811:32.84.20m4.03m
B7-8B7U13BThomas Sheen0:14.661:34.94.60m3.29m
B7-8B7U13BSolomon Steere0:14.291:34.14.62m4.55m
B7-8B8U13BWilliam Barton0:13.141:26.75.58m5.59m
B7-8B8U13BJames Gostling0:13.951:18.35.10m5.32m
B7-8B8U13BLars Hunter0:13.691:26.25.49m4.95m
B7-8B8U13BFrankie Riley1:25.25.80m5.57m
B7-8B8U13BJamie Smith0:12.481:39.86.11m5.66m
BG9-10B9U15BSam Redmond0:11.651:05.05.18m
BG9-10B9U15BJoseph Urquhart0:11.651:08.45.63m7.41m
BG9-10B9U15BJoseph Whitehouse0:13.084.84m5.38m
BG9-10B10U15BConor Butterworth0:12.301.03.86.12m7.40m
BG9-10B10U15BGus Cawcutt0:12.911.17.15.84m5.70m
BG9-10B10U15BReuben Herbert0:13.146.44m7.24m
BG9-10B10U15BFelix Linley0:12.711.14.25.08m5.18m
BG9-10B10U15BZak Reisman0:11.611.10.16.56m7.02m
BG0-2G0U7GEsther Yansaneh0:
BG0-2G1U7GCharlotte Lyons0:20.602.19.71.10m
BG0-2G2U7GHarriet Hirst-Sewell0:16.961.43.11.30m
BG0-2G2U7GTess Rudkin0:
BG0-2G2U7GRuby Wilson0:16.511.58.01.39m
G3-4G3U9GAlice Hirst-Sewell0:15.781.44.13.78m
G3-4G4U9GEve Barton0:15.982.03.53.54m
G3-4G4U9GAbigail Bottomley0:14.311.33.63.58m
G3-4G4U9GEvie Brown0:17.611.56.02.75m
G3-4G4U9GErin Davies0:15.341.37.43.41m
G3-4G4U9GEmmy Deverill0:14.541.31.64.30m
G3-4G4U9GBea Traviss-Turner0:16.881.46.34.10m
G3-4G4U9GLucy Walker0:
G3-4G4U9GDora Walmsley0:16.591.45.73.95m
G3-4G4U9GEzzie Yansaneh0:14.321.43.54.40m
G5-6G5U11GImogen Burton0:14.551.33.44.44m4.14m
G5-6G5U11GChloe Deak0:
G5-6G5U11GIsabelle Watt0:14.791.47.14.54m3.27m
G5-6G5U11GMelissa Ward0:
G5-6G6U11GGrace Ball0:15.381.53.44.79m5.10m
G5-6G6U11GIndi Banerjee0:
G5-6G6U11GJess Rollings0:
G5-6G6U11GMatilda Walsh0:14.881.43.84.78m3.01m
G7-8G7U13GIsla Butterworth0:12.791.18.55.34m6.90m
G7-8G7U13GCaitlyn Hartley0:
G7-8G7U13GLola Hill0:13.891.43.14.51m5.28m
G7-8G7U13GMary Venning0:13.471.23.65.07m4.89m
G7-8G7U13GMaddie White0:12.381.22.05.67m6.03m
G7-8G7U13GGeorgie Ward0:13.691.30.44.65m4.20m
G7-8G8U13GAlice Bonner0:
G7-8G8U13GNatalie Ward0:14.481.28.84.06m4.85m
BG9-10G9U15GElla Jobson0:13.841.23.64.92m4.74m
BG9-10G9U15GKirsten Reid0:12.941.21.35.76m4.39m
BG9-10G10U15GFreya Hunter0:
Under 7's did Standing Long Jump, not Standing Triple Jump
Under 15's and Under 13 boys threw 3Kg shot, others threw 2Kg

Timetable (just for reference)

6:18BG0-2B3-4G3-46:21 B6
6:30B7-8B6G7-86:33 B5
6:36G3-4BG0-2B3-46:39 B7-8
6:48G7-8B7-8B66:51 G5-6
6:54B3-4G3-4BG0-2 (LongJ)6:57 G7-8
7:06B6G7-8B7-87:09 BG9-11
7:15All finished!