Sports Day Arrangements 13 Sep 2022

GSAL sports day 2022 map

Yes, we’re having a Sports Day (or to be more precise, a sports hour-and-a-bit) next Tuesday at GSAL

There are 86 booked in. Please could everyone arrive by 6pm (6:05 at the latest) so we can arrange helpers for every activity/event.

The warm-ups and practice for the youngest groups (up to and including school year 4) will start at 6:12pm; all groups will have started warm-ups by 6:24pm or earlier.

The youngest groups (up to and including school year 4) are planned to be finished by 7pm, everyone finished by 7:12pm.

There is a lot of information here, but first go to the final table on this page and check that your child /children is/are on the list to come and if not then email me straight away.

The final table also tells you which group each child is in. Then please read through the whole page as this explains how the meeting will work. We do need more activity assistants on all 3 events; also it would be good if all groups had assistant leaders. If you’re able to volunteer for any of these vacancies please email me or post on Facebook.

(email address [email protected] )


I have by split by gender and school year and created 9 groups as follows.

GroupNo. athletesNotes
BG0-2126 boys, 6 girls
BG9-11128 boys, 4 girls

NB The BG groups are mixed boys and girls


There will be three events for everyone – 80m, 400m and Standing triple jump (standing long jump for year 2 and under). We’ve now added Shot Put for all groups ages 5 and above

This means that at any time,

  • 3 groups are taking part in an event
    • for 80m – two heats per group (see “special notes”)
    • for 400m – one heat per group
    • for triple jump – 12 in a row taking it in turns (probably two attempts)
  • 3 groups can be preparing for their next event
    • for 80m – doing strides and sprint starts
    • for 400m – gentle jogging
    • for triple jump – doing some practice jumps
  • 3 groups can do other activities (I’ll set up some Adel-Alwoodley relays)

Timetable – summary for activity leaders

all groups
all groups
all groups
6:18BG0-2B3-4G3-46:21 B6
6:30B7-8B6G7-86:33 B5
6:36G3-4BG0-2B3-46:39 B7-8
6:48G7-8B7-8B66:51 G5-6
6:54B3-4G3-4BG0-2 (LongJ)6:57 G7-8
7:06B6G7-8B7-87:09 BG9-11
7:12All groups

Special notes – 80m

Regarding 80m heats, if possible we will have all runners of the same gender and school year running in the same heat

If there are more than 8 of the same gender/schoolyear, then they will be split into two heats and the stopwatch used to determine overall positions.  But if there is time, we will organise a run-off between the top 3 in each heat.

If there are 8 or 7 of the same gender/schoolyear, then we will have one heat but the starter and finish team will need to “negotiate” with the 400m event leader to ensure that there is not a 400m taking place while the inside lanes are used by 80m

Groups showing leaders, activities and times

Group LeaderWarm UpFirst eventSecond EventThird EventShot
BG0-2 Gemma Traviss-T6:126:18 – 80m6:36 – 400m6:54 – Long J
B3-4 John Keene6:126:18 – 400m6:36 – Triple J6:54 – 80m
G3-4 Paul Davies6:126:18 – Triple J 6:36 – 80m6:54 – 400m
B5 Sophie Rugg6:18 or earlier6:24 – 80m6:42 – 400m7:00 – Triple J6:33
BG9-11 Alex Gostling6:18 or earlier 6:24 – 400m6:42 – Triple J 7:00 – 80m7:09
G5-6 Sarah Deak6:18 or earlier 6:24 – Triple J 6:42 -80m7:00 – 400m6:51
B7-8 Rachel Barton6:24 or earlier 6:30 – 80m6:48 – 400m7:06 – Triple J 6:39
B6 Alex Monaghan6:24 or earlier 6:30 – 400m J 6:48 – Triple J 7:06 – 80m6:21
G7-8 6:24 or earlier 6:30 – Triple6:48 – 80m7:06 – 400m6:57

Activity Teams

80mStarter – Adam Nabozny
Starter’s Assistant – TBA
Timekeeper – Steve Hunter + 1
Finish judges (keep in order at end of race) – TBA * 2
400mLeader – Richard Irvine
Timekeeper – Tom Venning
Finish judges (keep in order at end of race) – TBA * 2
Triple JLeader – Paul Furness
Take off and hop judges – TBA * 2
Landing judges – Jon Smith & Paul Furness
Measurement –   Jon Smith & Paul Furness
ShotLeader – Jane Rollings
Landing Judge – TBA * 2

Groups / List of Names

school year
Name80m heatTJ sequence
BG0-2B0Hugo Traviss-Turner11
BG0-2B1Rex Walmsley12
BG0-2B2Fin Jones13
BG0-2B2Kyle Reid14
BG0-2B2Charlie Smith15
BG0-2B2Jonah Steere16
BG0-2G0Esther Yansaneh27
BG0-2G1Charlotte Lyons28
BG0-2G2Izzy Grosvenor29
BG0-2G2Harriet Hirst-Sewell210
BG0-2G2Tess Rudkin211
BG0-2G2Ruby Wilson212
B3-4B3Caleb Keene11
B3-4B3Austin Lyons12
B3-4B4Jenson Bennett23
B3-4B4Thomas Deverill24
B3-4B4Thomas Grosvenor25
B3-4B4Samuel Keene26
B3-4B4George Redmond27
B3-4B4Henry Rollings28
B3-4B4Arthur Venning29
G3-4G3Alice Hirst-Sewell11
G3-4G4Eve Barton12
G3-4G4Abigail Bottomley13
G3-4G4Evie Brown14
G3-4G4Erin Davies15
G3-4G4Emmy Deverill16
G3-4G4Ruby Richardson27
G3-4G4Bea Traviss-Turner28
G3-4G4Lucy Walker29
G3-4G4Dora Walmsley210
G3-4G4Ezzie Yansaneh211
B5B5Bertie Bell11
B5B5Gabriel Burns12
B5B5Benjamin Gostling13
B5B5Freddie Jones14
B5B5Owen Maghaireh15
B5B5Isaac Rugg16
B5B5Seth Steere17
B5B5James Walker18
B6B6Jacob Jones11
B6B6Eaden Lyons12
B6B6Søren Pailor13
B6B6Harry Pick14
B6B6Ewan Reid15
B6B6Dillon Rollings26
B6B6Edgar Traviss-Turner27
B6B6Sammy Whitehouse28
B6B6Zeekie Yansaneh29
G5-6G5Imogen Burton11
G5-6G5Chloe Deak12
G5-6G5Lucy Sheen13
G5-6G5Isabelle Watt14
G5-6G6Grace Ball25
G5-6G6Indi Banerjee26
G5-6G6Jess Rollings27
G5-6G6Matilda Walsh28
B7-8B7Alfie Ball11
B7-8B7Edward Nabozny12
B7-8B7Thomas Sheen13
B7-8B7Solomon Steere14
B7-8B7Seb Watson15
B7-8B7James Whittle16
B7-8B8William Barton27
B7-8B8James Gostling28
B7-8B8Lars Hunter29
B7-8B8Frankie Riley210
B7-8B8Jamie Smith211
G7-8G7Kirsten Brown11
G7-8G7Isla Butterworth12
G7-8G7Caitlyn Hartley13
G7-8G7Lola Hill14
G7-8G7Mary Venning15
G7-8G7Maddie White16
G7-8G8Alice Bonner27
G7-8G8Natalie Ward28
BG9-11B9Sam Redmond11
BG9-11B9Joseph Urquhart12
BG9-11B9Joseph Whitehouse13
BG9-11B10Conor Butterworth24
BG9-11B10Gus Cawcutt25
BG9-11B10Reuben Herbert26
BG9-11B10Felix Linley27
BG9-11B10Zak Reisman28
BG9-11G9Ella Jobson39
BG9-11G9Kirsten Reid310
BG9-11G9Keira Sykes311
BG9-11G10Freya Hunter312